Apex Legends Season 11: Escape Battle Pass Rewards

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Season 11 of Apex Legends is underway!

Entitled Escape, the latest seasonal release has brought a number of new features to the title, including a brand new Legend and a brand new gun.


The Battle Pass has also been reset, with 110 new levels to work through in order to unlock a host of new rewards.

Here is everything that is on offer in Season 11 of Apex Legends.

Season 11 Battle Pass Rewards

As always you will have to buy into the Premium Battle Pass, with five rewards available instantly upon purchase. They are as follows:

  • Vision Walker - Wraith Skin (Epic)
  • Skinwalker - Revenant Skin (Epic)
  • Poison Dart - Loba Skin (Epic)
  • Compound Fracture - Bocek Skin (Legendary)
  • XP Boost (Epic)

From there you will have to work your way through the various Battle Pass levels, with over 100 rewards up for grabs.

Level Reward Rarity
2Tide Storm Wraith FrameEpic
3Apex PackLegendary
4Crafting MetalsRare
5100 Apex CoinsLegendary
6XP BoostEpic
7Wraith Kill QuipRare
8Load ScreenRare
9Weapon CharmEpic
10Wratih HoloEpic
11Volt SkinRare
12Crafting MetalsRare
13100 Apex CoinsLegendary
14XP BoostEpic
15Loba Kill QuipRare
16Weapon CharmEpic
17Apex PackRare
18Loba FrameEpic
19Loba HoloEpic
20Prowler SkinRare
21100 Apex CoinsLegendary
22XP BoostEpic
23Mirage TrackerRare
24Mirage TrackerRare
25Desert Mirage SkinLegendary
26Mirage TrackerRare
27Crafting MetalsRare
28Spitfire SkinRare
29100 Apex CoinsLegendary
30XP BoostEpic
31Load ScreenRare
32Mirage HoloEpic
33Mirage Kill QuipRare
34Mirage FrameEpic
35Apex PackRare
36Crafting MetalsRare
37Apex CoinsLegendary
38XP BoostEpic
39Rampart HoloEpic
40Rampart FrameEpic
41G7 Scout SkinRare
42Rampart Kill QuipRare
43Weapon CharmEpic
44Crafting MetalsRare
45100 Apex CoinsLegendary
4630-30 SkinRare
47XP Boost Epic
48Gibraltar SkinRare
49Gibraltar SkinRare
50Gibraltar SkinLegendary
51Gibraltar SkinRare
52Crafting MetalsRare
53100 Apex Coins Legendary
54XP BoostEpic
55Weapon CharmEpic
56Music PackEpic
57Gibraltar HoloEpic
58Gibraltar FrameEpic
59Gibraltar Kill QuipRare
60Crafting MetalsRare
61Apex PackRare
62R-99 SkinRare
63Load ScreenRare
64Weapon CharmEpic
65Mastiff SkinRare
66Kraber SkinRare
67The Light BombasticEpic
68Triple Take SkinRare
69Crafting MetalsRare
70XP BoostEpic
71Devotion SkinRare
72Bangalore FrameEpic
73EVA-8 SkinRare
74Bangalore SkinRare
75Bangalore HoloEpic
76Apex PackRare
77Apex PackEpic
78Peacekeeper SkinRare
79100 Apex CoinsLegendary
80Caustic SkinRare
81Weapon CharmEpic
82Caustic Kill QuipRare
83Caustic FrameEpic
84Havoc SkinRare
85Crafting MetalsRare
86XP BoostEpic
87Weapon CharmEpic
88Revenant FrameEpic
89Flatline SkinRare
90Charge Rifle SkinRare
91Revenant HoloEpic
92Revenant Kill QuipRare
93100 Apex CoinsLegendary
94Sentinel SkinRare
95Load ScreenRare
96Valkyrie Skydive EmoteEpic
97R-301 SkinEpic
98Apex PackRare
99100 Apex CoinsLegendary
100Prowler SkinLegendary
110Prowler SkinLegendary

When Does The Season 11 Battle Pass Expire?

You will have until Tuesday, February 8th to work your way through the various Season 11 Battle Pass challenges.