Apex Legends Player Hosts Reddit Q&A While Hiding up an In-game Tree

An image of some trees in Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Most Reddit Q&A sessions are fairly run of the mill.

Often home to a celebrity trying to promote something, they can be interesting to uber-fans seeking behind-the-scenes info but rarely offer much more than that.

However, an Apex Legends player has decided to take the concept to an interesting new place, namely halfway up an in-game tree. We’re as confused as you are.

Apex Legends Player Hosts Q&A in Tree

Posting on the Apex Legends Reddit, user Totem_town simply said: “I’m a solo revenant hiding in trees, ask me anything”.

Other players did exactly that.

All of the responses were interesting in their own way, such as the top comment by Predator3-5, which asks whether the trees speak, prompting a response of “Yes, they keep threatening to break my knees if I don’t stop climbing them” from Totem_town.

Another user, GambitsReturn, got even more philosophical, asking whether the trees die when Totem_town leaves them, which the poster answered by claiming that only he dies instead upon leaving a tree.

Several users tried to gain a better understanding of the situation, with one asking where the nearest enemies are and receiving the answer “100m east”, while another enquired as to what Totem_town could see from their perch, prompting the response “mostly trees”.

One also took a very British approach and asked what the weather was like up there, leading to Totem_town’s observation that conditions were “heckin windy”.

Another very polite user enquired how Totem_town’s day was going, leading to a very positive rejoinder of “Wonderful! I won two games! Only on trios that I didn’t hide in any trees for though. So I don’t really count them”.

User sicko-mod whipped out the very meme-worthy question “Are you winning son?”, to which Totem_town replied: “only in spirit”.

If you’re interested in becoming an Apex Legends tree-dweller yourself, Totem_town’s other answers advise that the best trees to climb are the ones without players already in them and that the strategy overall is “fun if you don’t intend on playing the game properly”.

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