Apex Legends Players Frustrated by Cheaters Using Macros

An image of some players facing off in Apex Legends.

Ever feel as though your opponents in Apex Legends have subtle advantages over you that go beyond a difference in skill?

Perhaps they’re moving a little too swiftly or shooting a little too well, even if the latter isn’t to the extent that wallhacks or an aimbot could allow.

If so, then you might just have run into a kind of player that some users on the Apex Legends Reddit page are particularly frustrated with.

Apex Legends Players Frustrated by Cheaters Using Macros

Posting at the beginning of a thread asking why the use of macros is seemingly becoming normalised within the Apex community, user armadillo_soup said: “I’m not even sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but it shouldn’t be. Anyone playing Apex using macros, cfg files, scripts, zen, etc: you are a shameless cheater.”

They also added: “If you’re going to argue that these aren’t nearly as bad as something like wallhacks or aimbot, I would probably agree. But that doesn’t make it acceptable to adjust your game and also gain an unfair advantage over the majority of the player base just because you want to ‘level the playing field’.”

The vast majority of other players responding to the post seemed to agree with its sentiment.

For example, user UpbeatAnt snagged the top comment by saying: “I feel like the player should do all the inputs, just no automation. Stick to what’s available in-game”, prompting YoyoHero7 to sarcastically reply adding: “you mean the WAY THE GAME WAS INTENDED?? Preposterous”.

Another user compared the issues in Apex to those in Rainbow Six Siege, describing: “I play on console and tech and tactics come and go, first it was dropshotting, then DDoS, now it’s mouse and keyboard.”

User AnApexPlayer identified players who use macros and pretend otherwise when showcasing their achievements as a particular problem, saying: “It takes away from those who actually can (do those things legitimately)”.

Meanwhile, user diogenessexychicken longed for a return to the past, reminiscing: “Back in my version of the ‘old days’ we just put a piece of blue tac on the screen where the crosshair would go.”

On the other hand, user menace313 urged the game’s developers to take action, asserting: “They're being normalised because Respawn makes no attempts to do anything about it. There is zero downside to cheating outside of the most blatant PC cheats.”

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