How To Fix Apex Legends Freezing PCs

It looks like Apex Legends is freezing PCs!

And if you’ve come here, you’re probably one of the players experiencing some issues!

We’re here to help you as best as we can with the fixes on how to stop Apex Legends from crashing on PC.

How To Fix Apex Legends

Quick note: you won’t be guaranteed to fix the game with these, but trying out a few should hopefully work! The best option will be to hope that Respawn patches it but until then here are your best options.

Repair Apex Legends

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Let's get it patched up! (Image: Respawn)

Potentially the game’s download got corrupted and the files haven’t installed correctly.

Though thankfully you might not have to uninstall and reinstall the game.

While that could work, you can also use the Repair feature in Origin to fix the game’s files.

Once that has finished up, make sure that Apex Legends is back up to date and you should be set up to go again, hopefully!

Update Your Graphics Drivers

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In need of an update! (Image: Respawn)

One common reason games can cause crashes is if your Graphics card isn’t up to date.

If Apex Legends is trying to use a driver that isn’t there, the game could bug out and cause your PC to crash too.

Updating your graphics card drivers should be fairly easy, and you can find directions for how to do it on the manufacturer’s website!

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Check Your Hardware

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Let's get you an upgrade! (Image: Respawn)

It could be that your hardware has a problem, be it an out of date Processor or something else.

If Apex Legends isn’t fixed by trying the solutions above, it could be worth making sure the fault isn’t with your PC itself.

Though just be sure the hardware is what’s wrong, you don’t want to waste money on new parts if you don’t have to!

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