Apex Legends Player Replaces All In-Game Sounds With Their Own Voice

Am image of Gibraltar from Apex Legends.

Like most highly-paced shooters, the soundtrack to any Apex Legends match often devolves very quickly into a sea of noise.

Between the constant drone of gunfire and ceaseless shuffling of movement, the only respite from which comes via intermittent taunts and insults hurled back and forth by characters as they duel, sometimes you can find yourself struggling not to reach for the mute button on your monitor.

However, one Apex player has come to save the day, sharing a short clip of them playing as Gibraltar in which they replace all of the game’s sounds with their own voice.

Apex Legends Player Replaces All In-Game Sounds With Their Own Voice

In the video, user J3llyman__7 provides their own imitations of everything you can possibly hear in an Apex session, making for a rather surreal listen.

They also commented to ask fellow players to guess why the video ends when it does, which prompted a range of responses.

“You got kicked from the match, obviously. Something, something, servers, something, wheel spinning but the hamster is deceased”, suggested user daviepancakes, while Ch1mera91 speculated: “Is it out of respect to your opponents after landing a 360 kraber no scope triple collateral to win the game? I'm sure their families will thank you for this.”

Other players offered some feedback on J3llyman__7’s impressions, with BranislavBGD saying: “that Hemlok sound is on point”, while sxreign admitted: “‘footstep noises’ was my favourite” and Altiro93 added: “I laughed so hard at ‘another soft landing’. I mean all of it was funny but that just cracked me up!”

User SovietSix6, meanwhile, chose to compliment the production value of the clip, saying: “GOD DAMN YOUR SOUNDSTAGE IS INCREDIBLE!”

This led J3llyman__7 to offer a detailed explanation of how they’d set up their soundstage, using tracks and panning, as well as letting one user who asked know which microphone they’d used to capture the sounds.

Other users simply appreciated the finished product, with ScuffedOracle calling it: “art in its purest form” and adding: “I don't think I can see the game the same way anymore”.

On the other hand, user Albert-o-saurus suggested: “Respawn. You have one year until April 1 2023. You can make this happen by then, I believe in you.”

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