Forg Gang Wins BLAST Titans Apex Legends Tournament

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The first weekend of BLAST Titans, the first official Apex Legends tournament during the ALGS off-season, has concluded with Forg Gang winning the €20,000 battle royale tournament in spectacular fashion. 

The win is not only Forg Gang’s first major tournament win, but the first time any Apex Legends team has won three battle royale matches back to back to back. Forg Gang’s second win ensured NEW Esports (then the only team on Match Point) didn’t take the competition, and secured Match Point status for itself. The third win in a row handed the orgless roster the BLAST trophy. 


Forg Gang takes home €7,200 for winning, and also qualifies for the second weekend of BLAST Titans, where the twenty teams from the battle royale finals will take to Arenas for another slice of €20,000.

Noticeably, ALGS Champion SCARZ EU had a tough day at the office, only breaching the top ten in two games of the six-game finals series. SCARZ’ Mande told Gfinity that he believes the team will shine in Arenas, however, so the three players have a lot to prove going into the next weekend.

Team Kungarna EU made up for a poor showing in the ALGS Championship with a fourth-place finish in BLAST Titans’ first weekend, but the former Nessy roster may be nervous going into Year 2 of the ALGS, due to the fact that Apex Legends’ lead partnerships manager, Shahin Kanafchian, announced that organisations can now only field one team across all regions.


Kungarna's NA team won the ALGS Championship, so the pressure is on the EU roster to prove its worth to the organisation before the Year 2 decision has to be made.

BLAST Titans also saw Olympus take to the competitive field, which caused some interesting occurrences, including jump-padding Tridents and less crowded final circles. BLAST is offering another alternative Apex Legends esports tournament on its Twitch channel next weekend, which will undoubtedly change the competitive experience all over again.

SCARZ needs to defend its honour when it takes to Arenas, but in the 3v3 mode anything could happen.