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Apex Legends: What Are Heirlooms?


Apex Legends is another free-to-play game that gamers have been getting addicted to, thanks to its stylish characters and fast-paced gameplay.


The game’s lore, as with Overwatch, has been something many gamers have been invested in, to the point that they collect Heirlooms, which seem like regular cosmetic items to some but can mean a lot more to hardcore fans.

Heirlooms are considered to be ultra-rare cosmetic items and have very few chances of appearing, no matter how much you grind.

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Apex Legends: What Are Heirlooms?

While you can buy them they have their own currency and could cost a lot of money so be careful about which Heirlooms you want to get.

In terms of in-game bonuses, the Apex Legends Heirlooms don’t really do anything to give these characters an advantage so if you want them, make sure it’s for the characters that you really adore.

The game has been out for a few years, but only certain Apex Legends are getting Heirlooms now.

Bangalore has only just got her Heirloom, and she's been there since launch.

More Heirlooms for more Legends will definitely come out in the near future, especially with newer Legends coming in every season of Apex Legends so expect more of these soon.

Apex Legends is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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