Apex Legends Season 7: Rampart Is FINALLY Getting Buffed Devs Confirm

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Season 6 Legend Rampart has been a little disappointing for Apex Legends fans.

At first, the character looked awesome, but she quickly lost the limelight.

Now she may be about to return it, with a buff in the upcoming Season 7 update!

Maybe she'll be the new Legend to pick in the Season 7 meta.


When Is The Rampart Buff Coming?

In the Season 7 update, which drops November 10!

This should hopefully do a good job of stopping the complaints from many fans.

The main issue is Rampart’s minigun, while the rapid-fire weapon is strong, it leaves her way too open for attacks.

Players seem to debate on Reddit all the time about which aspects of the Legend need changing, but her Ultimate is the main concern.


Perhaps she’ll be able to move with the weapon, or maybe get a short use shield while she sets it up.

We’ll’ have to find out when Season 7 drops in a couple of week's time!

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How Is Rampart Getting Buffed?

We don’t know exactly.

The Reddit post from developer Daniel Klein jokingly mentioned not wanting to spoil anything.

This tease could be suggesting huge changes are coming, or could just be a tease for much smaller tweaks.

The form the buffs will take isn’t yet known, but they will likely make Rampart a more viable character none-the-less!

We don’t have long to wait to find out how she will be buffed so let’s hope it’s good!

Check back later for all the patch details you need to know!