Apex Legends Season 7: New C.A.R. Weapon Leaks

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With Season 6 now live across all platforms, players are diving into the code of Apex Legends and uncovering plenty of secrets in the process.

The recent season finally brought the VOLT SMG and it looks like Respawn isn't stopping there - we could get a brand new weapon next season too.


The previously leaked C.A.R. weapon has popped up again with new audio files.

Here's what we know about the new weapon.

New C.A.R. Weapon

Today, new audio files were added for a number of new assets, both weapons and legends, including a weapon called C.A.R.


Audio files were added for the new weapon, of which we know little about.

Photo via @shrugtal

The C.A.R. is a datamined SMG that uses light rounds and was first brought to our attention back in November 2019.


This new weapon boasts "consistent recoil" meaning it could be a great starting weapon when dropping into World's Edge.

Photo via Gaming Intel

If you're familiar with this gun from Titanfall, it's a Pilot anti-personnel fully automatic submachine gun.


It's one of the two submachine guns developed from the R-101C Carbine platform, though unlike the R-97, it has far greater power, able to kill in one less shot at all ranges.

Its strengths are its high rate of fire and dampened recoil - making it accurate at intermediate ranges. However, it is naturally outclassed at long ranges by rifles and will likely be inferior to the already existing R-99 (R-97 in Titanfall).

It was met with mixed reactions as players didn't particularly see where it would fit into the meta and how it would compete with existing guns.

It's tough to see this weapon implemented after Season 6 already introduced a new SMG, even if the VOLT uses energy ammunition, but it's nice to see that there's plenty still to come for the future of Apex.