Apex Legends Season 7: Horizon Guide - Abilities, Best Weapons, Landing Spots, Teammates To Use And Everything You Need To Know

Apex Legends Season 7 has just dropped and with it comes a new Legend, the scientist Horizon.

This manipulator of gravity has a bunch of cool new abilities for players to learn and master on the new Olympus map!

Here is our guide on how to play, and maybe even win, as Horizon in Apex Legends!

Horizon’s Abilities And How To Use Them

Horizon has her three abilities: Space Walk, Gravity Lift and Black Hole.

Let’s start with the first, Space Walk. This Passive reduces the fall impacts Horizon would take and increases her air control. There isn’t fall damage in Apex Legends, but after falling from a great height Legends are often stunned for a brief period. 

A simple way to use Horizon’s Space Walk would be to fall from high up and use your opponent’s stun period to either eliminate them or run away while they are frozen.

Another good usage would be in combination with Horizon’s Gravity Lift. Sure, the ability will help with vertical traversal, but the are so many other possibilities with this ability.

Be it finding new angles to shoot down at enemies, or perhaps disorienting your foes, you have so many options.

This video gives some fantastic guides on how to use Horizon’s Gravity Lift like a pro!

Finally, Horizon’s Black Hole ability seems really awesome and reminds us of Zarya’s Graviton Surge in Overwatch.

This Ultimate Ability will draw in players and would work amazingly in combination with Caustic’s Gas, Gibraltar’s Bombardment or Rampart’s Turret. 

Black Hole could trap enemies, making them like fish in a barrel for these effects, making some awesome traps or combat options to quickly wipe a whole squad out.

Hopefully, these tips will help you play as the latest Legend, and give you an edge over other new players to the character!

Who should be in Horizon's Squad?

For their Ultimate pairings alone, Rampart, Caustic or Gibraltar would make some solid teammates but they definitely aren't the only options! Read our advice above to see what we mean!

If you want to maximise some insane movement options, Octane could pair nicely, using his Stime and /or Launchpad in a crazy combination with Gravity lift could see your squad flying across the map.

In a different way, Mirage could combine with Gravity Lift and Black Hole, being able to use his abilities to deploy decoys and further confuse enemies in moments where they would already be distracted. This could help these holograms seem a bit more real for a brief time!

Finally, Bloodhound could make for a good pairing, using their Tactical and Ultimate abilities alongside Gravity Well could allow them to find those perfect angles to peek on enemies and take them out!

Where To Land As Horizon?

As we’ve said already, Horizon’s abilities mean that she can excel in many environments.

By landing up high, Horizon can easily run and escape if needs be, but with her gravity well she could launch enemies away.

This will leave potentially intense fight spots cleared for you and your squad to loot.

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By landing lower, Horizon can then launch herself back up onto high ground, reducing any advantage players would have had on her and her squad.

As such, and with our still early understanding of new map Olympus, we don’t yet have any specific tips so far, but be on the lookout in the future!

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What Weapons To Use As Horizon?

Horizon looks likely to favour medium, to longer-range weapons, but depending on your preferred style you could find Horizon works more up close.

As highlighted in the video above, something like the Charge Rifle would work excellently in combination with her Gravity Lift ability for peeking on enemies.

But we also see Gaming Merchant use a variety of different weapons.

Our advice would be to follow his tips and try out which you like best, then choose your preferred guns based on that!

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