Apex Legends: The Next Free Twitch Prime Skins Have Been LEAKED - Lifeline, Horizon And Wraith

It looks like a few more Prime Gaming skins are headed to Apex Legends Season 7!

If you want to claim these free cosmetic items, be sure to link your EA and Twitch accounts, and remember to redeem the offers before they leave.

New Prime Gaming Skins

Once called Twitch Prime, Prime Gaming offers gamers with Amazon Prime a bunch of different benefits.

These benefits include free games, a free sub per month and a whole host of different cosmetics and benefits in so many different games.

This includes Apex Legends Season 7!

We’ve already seen skins for most Legends, the latest of which is Lifeline.

Now we can expect a skin for new Legend for newest addition Horizon and another for Respawn’s favourite hero Wraith!

These leaks come via prolific leaker @Biast12 on Twitter.

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We aren’t sure what they will look like quite yet, be we expect dark colours for the Horizon one, and red and gold for the Wraith Queen of Hearts.

When we have a good idea, we’ll be sure to update you guys!

How To Unlock The Prime Gaming Skins

Unlocking these skins is the easiest it can be!

So long as you have an Amazon Prime account…

Just use it to sign up for Prime Gaming, link the EA account which is connected to your Apex Legends and claim your free skins before they disappear.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the skins drop but expect them the Horizon skin in the coming weeks!

Even if you don’t yet own the Legends you can claim the skins so don’t miss out!

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