Apex Legends: Rami, Nix, and other lore from season six

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Respawn’s just tweeted another cryptic “voice message” in the lead-up to Apex season six, and it leaves more questions than answers.

“Rami, it’s Nix! What’s up, man?” the recording begins.

“Listen,” says Nix, “I can pay you next week. All right? We can do installments. I really need that baby. I have a date tomorrow, and I want to impress her. We’re good friends, right? Homies! Buddies! Friends want each other to be happy, right? All right, yeah, you get it. I’ll swing by later.”

Who are Rami and Nix?

Actor Jordan Fisher — most recently seen in Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You — has teased the possibility that he’s the one voicing Nix in the clip.

But who are Rami and Nix, as characters? Hard to say. They don’t sound like any of the characters we’ve met in the Titanfall universe so far. Could they be hints of Legends coming to Apex in the future? Again, your guess is as good as mine.

In another message, tweeted out on August 5, a character named Dion Bakar calls up someone she calls “lovely lady Parekh.” Bakar thanks Parekh for a pistol-mod job, which strongly suggests Parekh is actually season six’s new playable Legend, the “modder” Rampart.

On August 4, Respawn posted a recording of Bangalore, a.k.a. Williams, calling up someone simply referred to as “P.” It’s probably safe to assume that P., in this case, is Parekh — Rampart.

Will we meet Dion Bakar, Rami, or Nix in-game down the road? Maybe so. But we’ll definitely be meeting Rampart when season six goes live on August 18.

Apex Legends season six

Season six arrives in Apex Legends on August 18, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Apex is simply one of the best battle-royale games available, and EA has announced it’s getting cross-play and cross-platform progression this fall when it hits Nintendo Switch and Steam.

“EA is doing a massive push [to] make it easier for players to play with their friends, regardless of which platform they own,” Respawn said recently.

“We’re very excited that players will be able to drop into the arena on Steam this fall. And it gets even better. We’re huge Nintendo fans at Respawn, so we’re thrilled to announce that Apex Legends will be launching this autumn on Switch as well.”

Joining the roster of playable Legends next season is the “modder” Rampart, along with her massive machine gun, Sheila.

Apex Legends is free to play on Origin (PC), PS4, and Xbox.


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