Apex Legends: Odd Bug Is Launching Players Into The Sky

An odd bug has been found in Apex Legends, sending players flying high into the sky for apparently no reason.

As with most major games, Apex Legends has a consistent slew of bugs in the game, and it seems like it is pretty much unavoidable.

With each patch, as with anything, something may get fixed, but most of the time, something else will break too. 

While some bugs can be near game-breaking, and ridiculously frustrating, some are pretty much inconsequential and just weird, as opposed to annoying or anger-inducing, which is exactly what happened here.


After using a survey beacon, Player, BoomBoomSturmie (who was playing as Pathfinder) was seemingly flung into the sky, above the map, looking down at his teammates, before dropping back down and everything seeming as normal once again.

This bug may not be game-breaking, but it's beginning to get reported by more players.

You can see the full video of the bug here.

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