Apex Legends: Instantly Charge Your Ultimate In Season 5

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There's a plethora of changes coming with Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor, one of these changes comes in the form of a new device on the map that players will be able to use to instantly recharge their Ultimate ability.

Season 5 is almost upon us and Respawn Entertainment have a lot of new content on the way, as well as a lot of major map changes.


Several changes were teased in the most recent gameplay trailer and a closer look at one of them revealed what appears to be a device that can charge up a Legend's Ultimate ability in seconds.


Gibraltar can be seen interacting with the device, which gives off yellow electricity.

Once he's done typing on the small computer screen, all that electricity gets flushed out of the machine and presumably he somehow consumes it, and adds his iconic line "opening the skies".


You can check out the full trailer below.