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A Guide to Apex Legends' Bocek Bow

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is only a few short weeks away, and that means a slew of new content is about to be introduced into the game.

Alongside Valk and an overhauled Olympus map, there is also a new weapon entering the arena.

The Bocek Bow is Apex's first bow and introduces a new weapon category to the battle royale.


Bocek Bow

Apex Legends Weapons
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WEAPONS: Season 8's 30-30 Repeater and the upcoming Bocek Bow

This season saw the 30-30 Repeater to Apex Legends, a sort of hybrid heavy-weapon / sniper rifle that packs a punch but requires a bit of a charge with ADS and has no automatic fire.

Why is this information important to know when talking about the Bocek Bow?

New Weapon Class

Apex Legends data miner @shrugtal found out a bit more about the qualities of the new bow:


Along with needing a new type of ammo, the Bocek Bow apparently will be a new class of weapon called "Marksman."


This makes sense, seeing as the bow will probably require some skill to use and will only fire one arrow before needing to reload.

Could this new class of weapons see a shift in how other weapons are classified?

Possibly, as players have seen in the past, like the change of the Charge Rifle from an Energy Weapon to a Sniper Rifle.

The 30-30 Repeater is a new weapon and may have been a testing ground for the Marksman class.

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Using the Bow

“A powerful and deadly weapon, for those with the skill to wield it. Capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range, you’ll need to make each shot count.”


Respawn has given fans the above bit of information, and that is about it.

As a high-damage, medium-range weapon, the Bocek Bow fills a nice gap in the Apex arsenal.

The fact that it is a bow and arrow means shots will be slower and may take more time to aim, similar to how bows work in Fortnite with a pullback mechanic.

Apex Legends lifeline reviving teammate
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BOCEK: Could the bow deal massive damage to teammates trying to revive their squad?

The new "arrow" ammunition type is an interesting choice.


Arrows are bulkier than most ammunition, leading one to believe they may be in shorter supply than other types.

It also means fans may see more bows in Apex Legends' future, an exciting thought.

It took a little time before Apex Legends fans found a good use for the 30-30 Repeater, and the same will most likely be true with the Bocek Bow.

It is a weapon that looks like it will take some skill, and some patience, to use effectively.

One thing is for certain, Bloodhound players are going to look awesome with a bow and arrow in their hands.


Also coming with the Bocek Bow come two hop-ups to further increase its efficacy.


Shatter Caps - This hop-up will cause an arrow to shatter at close range, mimicking a shotgun blast.

Deadeye's Tempo -This hop-up increases the rate of fire for the Bocek Bow if a player can get in the right timing groove.

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