Aceu Shows to How Superglide in Apex Legends

Brandon "Aceu" Winn is undoubtedly one of the most creative players to ever grace the arenas of Apex Legends. Aceu's mesmerizing movement skills is only rivalled by his impeccable aim-accuracy and phenomenal map knowledge. It is not at all surprising to see him execute a movement method that adds a different dimension to a base legend like Wraith.

Wraith as a legend has always been fun to play around with, but Aceu takes the character's potential to a whole new level. Aceu showed a unique movement method that fans are calling the "superglide" in Apex Legends. This technique can only be executed by Wraith, and it is essentially a huge jump that needs to be performed while the legend is in her ultimate.

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Aceu Discovers Superglide With Wraith In Apex Legends

You will need to master the traditional movement methods in Apex Legends first before attempting a complex trick like the superglide. Aceu makes it looks simple, but it is far from easy. To help players we have broken down the movement in bits to identify each input.

Wraith's ultimate ability Dimensional Rift allows her to glide through huge distances that cannot be emulated with conventional movement. Aceu activates Wraiths ultimate and combines it by jumping right from the edge of a building. The Dimensional Rift automatically allows the legend to glide through air before reaching a solid surface.

Below is the clips where Aceu performs the superglide

Aceu uses this technique to jump from one building to the other, and it creates a rift that your teammates can use to quickly rotate. The superglide can be an incredible technique to push the opposing squad, and it can also be used to bait the enemy. Make sure to keep practicing this technique in the range before trying it in an actual match!

Do you think Wraith is still one of the best legends to play with in Apex Legends? Will this superglide method become meta with Wraith mains in Season 11?

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