Apex Legends Mobile FPS Settings Explained - What's the Best Option?

May 16, 2022: We clarified that the highest FPS setting in Apex Legends Mobile doesn't lock the FPS at 90 as initially expected, but at 80 instead.

Wondering what the Apex Legends Mobile FPS settings are? Unlike Apex Legends’ other portable version on Switch, Apex Legends Mobile includes a suite of FPS settings to meet nearly every need. The trouble is actually figuring out what they do.

This guide explains what each Apex Legends Mobile FPS option is for and how to get the most from your phone. Some settings won't be available depending on the device you use, but the point will largely remain the same.

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What Are the Apex Legends Mobile FPS Settings?

Apex Legends Mobile has four FPS settings, though it’s not too forthcoming on the actual explanations for what they mean.

Keep in mind that the framerate for each setting is the cap - not the guaranteed fps you’ll get from choosing it. As with any game, a number of factors may affect the framerate you get, including graphics settings, other apps, and the phone or tablet itself.

Balanced FPS

The lowest of the Apex Legends Mobile FPS settings caps the game at 30fps, striking a balance - hence the name - between performance and visual fidelity. It gives your battery a bigger break and makes your device less likely to overheat, but it comes at the cost of a smoother experience.

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High FPS

High sets the cap to 45fps. It's an ideal setting for budget/mid-tier devices, giving you a smoother, more competitive experience than those who're locked at 30fps or below. It's not the best, of course, but it's a great "average" that'll set you apart from those on low-spec devices while still keeping your device from pushing itself too hard.

Ultra FPS

Ultra FPS locks the framerate to 60fps, making it similar to the PC and console experience at the cost of your battery and potentially overheating your phone. Make sure your device can handle this before trying to play at Ultra.

It's worth it if you can comfortably hit this number, but the trade-offs (like heat and battery life) could cause stability issues that could make things feel worse than running at a consistent 30fps.

Extremely High

Extremely high is only available on iOS devices for now and caps the framerate at 80fps. Choosing this setting will knock your graphics setting down to one of the more basic options, and attempting to dial them back up will knock your FPS setting down again. You can't have both.

Will Apex Legends Mobile Get 90fps Support?

As soon as high-refresh phones and chips arrived on the scene a few years ago now, it's always been a question of which games will support 90fps at launch and which will be updated to unlock the frame rate.

With Apex Legends Mobile, 90fps support is a mystery at the moment. The game caps out at 80 frames per second. With more phones getting screen refresh rates of even 144Hz these days, it would appear that the graphical complexity of Apex Legends Mobile means that anything higher than 80 just isn't feasible, needed, or healthy in the developer's eyes. For now, don't expect the 80fps option to expand beyond that.

What is the Best FPS Setting for Apex Legends Mobile?

If you’re not sure how to tweak the settings to fit the right FPS choice, consider going with “Adaptive Smoothing.” Picking this option tells the game to automatically choose the best graphics settings to match the FPS option you decided on.

If your device can handle it, "High" is definitely the best option. The hard cap means your phone or tablet won't overexert itself and end up performing poorly in the middle of a match.

How Can I See My Apex Legends Mobile FPS?

Unless the game has a little FPS toggle button we haven't seen yet, being able to see your Apex Legends Mobile FPS number is set to be tricky. On iOS, your hands are likely tied unless you're running some kind of jailbreak that might just result in a ban anyway.

For Android users, though, third-party apps can sometimes help. GFXTool is one, but setting it up can be difficult. On the other end, those with "gaming" phones from brands like ASUS ROG, Red Magic, and Lonovo Legion that ship with gaming-specific software suits could enable you to see your Apex Legends Mobile FPS with the simple flick of a switch. Sometimes, though, not seeing it is better.

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