If You've Not Played Anthem, Now's Your Chance

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Bioware's Anthem may have had its reboot cancelled, but as we opined recently there's still plenty of fun to be had.

If jumping into an Iron Man-style suit and blowing stuff up sounds like your idea of fun, then there's good news - the game is so dirt cheap right now that we had to mention it.

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If You've Not Played Anthem, Now's Your Chance

As I wrote recently, "while the game’s campaign is unlikely to offer a new player great mileage, based on its thin story, forgettable characters, and limp mission design, I’m going to fire it up this week just to zip around the world, shoot some big ol’ monsters, and hope for some cool loot."

"Maybe Anthem doesn’t need to be a game as a service. Maybe it can just be a fun game for an hour or two at a time. It deserves that, at least."

While the game is already available on EA Play (and is therefore included in Game Pass Ultimate on PC and console, if you prefer a physical copy that you actually own, you're in luck.

Anthem is just £3.99 on Amazon right now for Xbox One owners.

Grab it here.

On PS4, the Legion of Dawn version that comes with some extra pre-order 'stuff' is just £7.59.

You can grab that here.

We may never get a sequel or reboot, but there's definitely something to be said for Anthem's fun combat and enjoyable flight mechanics - especially when the Xbox version costs as much as a coffee these days.