Nintendo Direct January 2021: Date, Time, Games, And How To Watch Live

The New Year has finally arrived, and hopefully, 2021 is one of the best years in gaming! 

All eyes were on Sony and Microsoft last year, as they debuted their next-generation consoles for players all over the world.

Now, 2021 should be the year of Nintendo. As the massive developers have a lot of titles in the works, and some that fans are hoping to be announced sometime soon.

If a Nintendo Direct comes this year, there is a lot we can expect; but will there even be one? 

Here's what we know! 

Website Changed

Some clever eyed Reddit users were able to spot that the Nintendo Direct website was modified on January 4th, 2021.

This was posted by u/Rod-Haroli who wrote the following: 

I remember that some people used visiospark to see the last update on Nintendo Direct Archive Website. One day someone checked on September and a few days after this we had a brand new Nintendo Direct Mini: Parter Showcase. And then on october, someone checked again the last update, and happened the same thing, a new Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. Then today I decided to check the last update on this site, and well, the last update was made today too! This may indicate a new Nintendo Direct or simply nothing, take it with a grain of salt.

As well, they posted the following image which is their source of the website being modified: 

expand image

Photo via u/Rod-Haroli

Whether or not this means anything in the grand scheme of things is unknown as of now. So, we would take this with a grain of salt for the time being.

But if past months are any indication, then we can speculate that the likelihood of a Nintendo Direct happening this month is high!

Release Timing

No news yet into when the Nintendo Direct will be.

We can assume sometimes towards the middle or end of the month if they were to host one for the month of January. 


You will be able to watch this month's Nintendo Direct over at the official Nintendo YouTube channel here, if they go live later on in January. 

What To Expect

If fans pleas are answered, then we could be in store for some gigantic news if a Nintendo Direct happens this year.

Fans are hopeful for many games, but we have pinpointed the following titles to keep an eye out on: 

  • Breath of The Wild 2 
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes 
  • Pokemon Let's Go Jhoto 
  • Pikmin 4

Be sure to let us know what titles you are looking forward to being announced over the course of 2021!

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