Animal Crossing Switch: Which Features Should Be In Animal Crossing For The Nintendo Switch?

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Animal Crossing New Horizon is finally set to release this year, the game has been anticipated since the Nintendo Switch was released and we finally got some gameplay at E3 2019. 

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo's longest-running and most beloved franchises, with such massive fan-based fans are going to beg for certain components to be added to each game.


So what features do we want to see in Animal Crossing New Horizon!

More Customization 

Although Animal Crossing has a solid level of customization in place already, there is always room for improvement.

Especially in 2020, when every title lets you customize every aspect of your player.

New Horizon should implement further customization options such as ethnicity, facial structure and the ability to equip bags to your character.

We'd love to see further customisation so we can really enhance and diversify our adventures.



More Animals!

One of the core components of the Animal Crossing series is the ample amount of unique animals introduced during each game.

Animal Crossing New Horizon should be no exception to this as well.

For the upcoming release, incorporating new animals such as Skunks, Foxes and Lizards would spice things up a bit for the new game!


Village Builder

Animal Crossing features some of the most extensive customisations in the gaming industry.


One thing that we don't currently have is the ability to customise the way our village looks.

In every game, the village is randomly generated and players have no input into the way it looks.

I think its time to be able to customise the look and feel or build online villages with our friends.


Online Villages

The last feature we want to see in the upcoming title is perhaps the most heavily requested by fans.

Why in this day and age can't we interact with our friends in online villages and build structures there?


So far, the Switch has been an excellent platform for cooperative gameplay, after all the majority of their commercials emphasize co-op!

So what better way to promote this feeling of unity than to implement Online Village sharing into New Horizon!

An always active and online servers that can host a multitude of players at once.

What features would you like to see in New Horizon? Let us know by tweeting at us!

Written ByNick Farrell@NCF7_