Animal Crossing: New Horizons vs New Leaf

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the newest title in the franchise and is set to release March 20th.

The last time we got to play an Animal Crossing game was all the way back in 2012, which was New Leaf, so it comes as no surprise was New Horizons has so much hype surrounding it.


With eight years between the games, some aspects are bound to change; while some are too key to change in the Animal Crossing series.

Let's take a look at five differences/similarities between New Leaf and New Horizons!

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What's New In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


In past Animal Crossing games, Resetti was the pesky villager we had to visit to manually save our game (we know such a mundane task); New Horizons will feature auto-save for the first time in the series! Rejoice!


Do not fear, Resetti still will be in the game. 

You are on an island

Perhaps the biggest selling point behind New Horizons is how your player will start their journey on a deserted island somewhere in the world.

Opposed to previous games where we would be in a set city! 

You can make your own tools - DIY

Showcased in the recent Animal Crossing Direct; players will be able to craft their own tools and other craftable items!

Improved Graphics


Considering how much power is in the Nintendo Switch and how far technology has progressed in the past 8 years, it's no wonder why the graphics are so much better.


Full-on customization right from the start

Opposed to grinding away for different customisation options; right from the get-go players will have free range with what their character looks like. 

Multiplayer adventures

You will be able to join and explore islands with up to three other friends in online multiplayer; taking full advantage of the Nintendo Switch's online capabilities.

Nook Miles


A new reward system called "Nook Miles" will be implemented for you to be able to complete challenges and earn rewards!

Bigger Map

The map will be roughly 27% bigger than New Leaf!


You can now choose what Hemisphere you reside in so you can have weather that closely reflects home.


Returning Features In Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Bells are back, they will once again be the main currency for all your Animal Crossing needs.


There are 384 confirmed villagers to be back for New Horizons; so it is safe to assume that most of your favourites are making an appearance in New Horizons. 


After being dropped in on your island, you will have a free-range about all the aspects that get implemented into your island. Similar to how your village worked back in New Leaf.


Tom Nook


The pesky character has been front and centre for the series for quite some time now; yes he is back, and yes he will annoy us no doubt.

Time Travel is possible, sorta. 

Although it may be more difficult to time travel in New Horizons, due to the auto-save mechanics; it is still possible people have learned! 

You can only have one island

There will only be the possibility to have one island per device, with eight villagers inhabiting the island.

The Museum returns

The museum will once again return in the new game!