How To Buy Turnips After Daisy Mae Hours Finish In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Creating a Turnip empire just became much more accessible thanks to a new discovery that allows you to keep Daisy Mae on your island longer.

Animal Crossing New Horizons allows players to buy Turnips from the boar NPC every Sunday from 5am to 12pm.

If you play your cards right, you can sell them on for a ton of profit!

But what if you accidentally miss her? Well, one Reddit user has discovered a way to hold her captive on your island!

Here's how you can buy Turnips after the time has expired.

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How To Buy Turnips From Daisy Mae After Hours

Reddit user u/WestAirline shares some key information that if the player doesn’t go inside any buildings Daisy Mae will actually stay on your island until the next day - which resets at 5am.

Going inside allows the island to reset and gives Daisy Mae the opportunity to leave the island.

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By not going inside, it allowed u/WestAirline to delay buying turnips until 9 hours after the usual deadline.

Meaning that the Turnips will remain intact longer!

Many users replied saying that they also found this feature whilst playing, wondering why she was still on the island after she was meant to have moved on.

Perhaps it's a new feature that Nintendo implemented to allow more users to buy Turnips?

Be sure to give this a try this Sunday and see if it works for yourself!

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