Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creature Guide: Prices, Location And When To Find Them

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There are plenty of things to do in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Maybe swimming tickles your fancy?

Well, you can do that and catch some Sea Creatures whilst doing so!


Here's everything you need to know about catching Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creature Guide

What Are Sea Creatures?

Sea Creatures are things that you can find in the ocean in Animal Crossing while diving,

When you've opened the Museum you can also donate some of them.

If you aren't really interested in collecting, no worries.


These creatures can also be sold for Bells, in some cases, a LOT of them

Of course, these Bells can then be put towards other things.

How To Catch Sea Creatures

To catch sea creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you need a Wet Suit.

You can buy one from Nook's Cranny for 3,000 bells.

Otherwise, you can order one from the Nook Shopping app.

When you have it, equip it and you can dive in by pressing "A" when close to the ocean.


Jump off of a rock if you feel like!

When swimming you should see bubbles swim to them and press "Y".

You'll dive deeper and should come back up with a sea creature.

If the shadow begins to move then swim towards it by tapping "A" and catch it by pressing "A" again.

Sea Creatures Price List

Below you can find a list of all the available Sea Creatures.

You can also find out how much they sell from, months and times they are available, the number of bubbles each presents, shadow size and movement speed.

Sea Creature Bells Price Months Available Times Available Number Of Bubbles Shadow Size Movement Speed
Abalone2000January June July August September October November December4 PM-9 AM4MediumMedium
Acorn Barnacle600All YearAll Day3TinyNone
Chambered Nautilus1800March April May June September October November4 PM-9 AM4MediumSlow
Dungeoness Crab1900January February March April May November DecemberAll Day4MediumMedium
Firefly Squid1400March April May June9 PM-4 AM3TinySlow
Flatworm700August September4 PM-9 AM3TinySlow
Gazami Crab2200June July August September October NovemberAll Day4MediumMedium
Giant Isopod12000July August September October9 AM-4 PM4MediumFast
Gigas Giant Clam1500May June July August SeptemberAll Day5+XLFast
Horseshoe Crab2500July August SeptemberAll Day4MediumFast
Lobster4500January April May June DecemberAll Day5+LargeFast
Mantis Shrimp2500All Year4 PM-9 AM3SmallFast
Moon Jellyfish600July August SeptemberAll Day3SmallSlow
Mussel1500June July August September October November DecemberAll Day3SmallSlow
Octopus1200All YearAll Day4MediumMedium
Oyster2000January February September October November DecemberAll Day3SmallMedium
Pearl10000All YearAll Day3TinyNone
Pearl Oyster2800All YearAll Day3SmallMedium
Red King Crab8000January February March November DecemberAll Day5+LargeFast
Scallop1200All YearAll Day4MediumSlow
Sea Anemone500All YearAll Day5+LargeNone
Sea Cucumber500January February March April November DecemberAll Day4MediumSlow
Sea Grapes900June July August SeptemberAll Day3SmallNone
Sea Pig8000January February November December4 PM-9 AM3SmallFast
Sea Pineapple1500April May June July AugustAll Day3SmallSlow
Sea Slug600All YearAll Day3TinySlow
Sea Star500All YearAll Day3SmallSlow
Sea Urchin1700May June July August SeptemberAll Day3SmallSlow
Seaweed600January February March April May June July October November DecemberAll Day5+LargeNone
Slate Pencil Urchin2000May June July August September4 PM-9 AM4MediumMedium
Snow Crab6000January February March April November DecemberAll Day5+XLFast
Spider Crab12000March AprilAll Day5+LargeFast
Spiny Lobster5000October November December9 PM-4 AM5+LargeFast
Spotted Garden Eel1100May June July August September October4 AM-9 PM3SmallSlow
Sweet Shrimp1400January February September October November December4 PM-9 AM3SmallSlow
Tiger Prawn3000June July August September4 PM-9 AM3SmallMedium
Turban Shell1000March April May September October November DecemberAll Day3SmallSlow
Umbrella Octopus6000March April May September October NovemberAll Day3SmallFast
Vampire Squid10000May June July August4 PM-9 AM4MediumFast
Venus' Flower Basket5000January February October November DecemberAll Day4MediumFast
Whelk1000All YearAll Day3SmallSlow