Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fan Creates Weather Prediction Tool

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Animal Crossing New Horizons can be pretty frustrating when you have no way of knowing what the weather will be.

Thankfully, a data miner by the name Ninji has designed a tool that can predict weather patterns. meteor showers and rainbows.

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What Is Meteonook?

Meteonook is a fan-made tool which is currently an alpha. It can predict weather conditions as well as meteor showers and rainbows.

Ninji created the app, he's well known within the community as a data miner.

He has uncovered many things like when villagers will move out, when special villagers will visit and more.

To use the tool the player will have to input a large amount of data, Ninji has explained how to do so.

By doing this, the tool figures out what seed your game is using. A seed is a unique strain of numbers which determine what weather you'll get.


On the site, it is stated "There are over 2 billion possible weather seeds, but only one is correct for your island. MeteoNook goes through every single possibility, calculates the weather it would give, and checks it against the data you provide".

This tool is really useful to players as so many things are dependant on weather. Another great use for it is knowing when you can get Star Fragments from meteor showers.