Animal Crossing New Horizons: Brewster's Cafe Could Be Coming To The Museum

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Fancy a coffee by the shore, but self-isolation has got you down? No problem, Animal Crossing: New Horizons could potentially be receiving an update in the form of a Cafe.

You may not be allowed out your front door, but at least you'll be able to enjoy the island scenery with a nice virtual cuppa. It'll also keep all of your island residents nicely caffeinated.

Word of the potential update arrived the same way as most news does in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, villagers that can't help but spill the beans.

They seem to keep talking about it before they're supposed to.

This time we can thank Clay, the lazy hamster. Twitter user @sliceofcy caught Clay spilling the (coffee) beans. You can watch it here.

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"I'm still wide awake!" Clay says. "I guess Brewster was right! 17 cups of coffee is 3 too many!"

Brewster is a pigeon who has been serving players and their villagers coffee, ever since Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS.

Clay's errant line of dialogue isn't the only piece of evidence for Brewster coming to town in New Horizons, either.

Dataminers noted a line in the game's pre-load files that referred to "MuseumCafe" way before New Horizons even came out.

Brewster's cafe, The Roost, originally appeared in the basement of the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World, and returned in following games, though it doesn't appear to be part of New Horizon at the moment.


It would make perfect sense to have The Roost make its return to the museum, In fact, the whole upper level of the museum is suspiciously empty at the moment.

In fact, Nintendo has pledged to keep adding more content to Animal Crossing: New Horizons via online updates, and as long as islanders keep discussing sensitive Nintendo information, we'll keep giving you the details.

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