Ace Attorney 7: Release Date Leaks, Rumours, Development, and Everything We Know So Far

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We got a lot of information about Capcom's upcoming plans last year. After being notably targeted in a ransomware attack, that revealed some accurate information about Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village, alongside several Ace Attorney revelations.

Initially advising there'd be a Great Ace Attorney collection coming to the West - which was officially announced last month - we also got news of a sequel trilogy collection, comprised of Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice.

Adding to that? A brand new Ace Attorney game. Known as Ace Attorney 7 right now, here's everything we know so far.


Latest News

14 February 2022 -

A Capcom countdown page is teasing some sort of announcement for next weekend. While we think it's more likely that this will be for Street Fighter 6, or even the rumoured Resident Evil 4 Reboot, it could be Ace Attorney. It's unlikely, but one can always hope...


According to a leaked roadmap (translated here), Ace Attorney 7 entered pre-production back in 2019, with main production kicking off across 2020 and 2021. However, we don't know more than that currently.

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Considering the (likely working title) name given in the Capcom documents, Ace Attorney 7 is believed to be set after Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, which came out in 2016. That involved us visiting the Kingdom of Khura'in, seeing the return of Maya Fey.


Unfortunately, we don't have much detail on what this will involve. As a main entry, it's a safe bet to assume this will feature the same courtroom-based gameplay and investigative elements we've seen before. This will likely continue the stories for Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes, but that remains speculative.

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Release Date


According to that same leaked roadmap, Ace Attorney 7 was planned to launch in Q3 2021. However, that same document also listed Great Ace Attorney for a Q1 2021 launch and that released on July 27, 2021.

Considering many games faced delays due to the global pandemic, it's not unreasonable to assume both faced issues. Alternatively, Ace Attorney 7 could've been pushed back so it wouldn't clash with Great Ace Attorney. Until Capcom officially confirms it, we'll have to wait for further details.


At this time, that remains unconfirmed but given how Ace Attorney Trilogy was released on PC, iOS, Android and all modern consoles - next-gen aside - we wouldn't be surprised if Ace Attorney 7 followed suit.

It's worth noting how Great Ace Attorney only launched on PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch. So, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 ports aren't guaranteed.