Pragmata: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, News, and Everything We Know

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Capcom's first original IP in eight years, Pragmata was revealed alongside the PlayStation 5 with a stunning, yet incomprehensible trailer.

Seemingly mixing sci-fi and melancholy, Death Stranding vibes, it's certainly something a little different compared to the publisher's monster hunting, vampire lady-dodging and demon-slaying franchises.

Here's all we know.

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What Is It? 

In truth, we don't really know.

The game stars a spacesuit-clad character and a young girl.

Walking through an abandoned city, the spaceman examines the aftermath of what happened, including a holographic cat.

Eventually fleeing to the moon (no, we're not sure how, either), we have no idea what the game's core mechanics will entail but we're curious to know more.

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Release Date

Pragmata was delayed until 2023, despite previously being slated for 2022.

While there was no official announcement, this was confirmed via the small print of a Consumer Electronics Show trailer (thanks, Eurogamer).


Check out the full trailer showcased during the PS5 reveal event:



At the time of writing, Pragmata is a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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