PUBG 17.1 Update Patch Notes

Despite some stiff competition, PUBG continues to prove an immensely popular battle royale experience. Recent updates to the game include the arrival of a spotter scope and overhauls to the popular M416 and Mk12 rifles.

As developer Krafton continues to ensure some kind of balance is maintained, the 17.1 update has appeared on the test server and it includes another batch of changes ranging from the addition of the new ACE32 assault rifle to the return of the Sanhok map.

With that said, find all of the changes and new additions within the PUBG 17.1 update in the full patch notes!

PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes
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PUBG 17.1 Update Release Date

Krafton says the update will begin to roll out starting with PC users on April 13. Console players will receive the update a week later, beginning on April 20.

Once we find an exact time for the PC update, we will update this article with the latest intel.

How to Download PUBG Update 17.1

The process of downloading update 17.1 on PC and consoles is incredibly straightforward. Here's how to do it on PC:


  • The update should begin automatically but if it doesn't, it should appear in your library update queue.
  • If it's in the queue, click the download button to begin the process.


  • Like the PC version, the update should begin automatically on the dates mentioned above. If not, there's a few ways to start the download manually.
  • For PlayStation players, highlight the game tile, press 'Select', and 'Check for Update.' This will start the update.
  • Xbox players can perform a similar action. Head to 'My Games and Apps', select 'Manage,' and head to the 'Updates' tab.
  • Any updates that haven't started will appear there. Highlight PUBG and press A to start the download.
PUBG 17.1 Update Patch Notes
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What's In The PUBG 17.1 Update?

Update 17.1 contains plenty of brand-new content in addition to several bug fixes. Check out the full list of changes below!

Return of Sanhok

As you may have already heard from our 2022 DEV PLAN, Sanhok’s appearance of when it was first released – yes, with Bootcamp’s lobster-shaped building, Docks, Ruins, Quarry, and the original blue-and-green jungle theme – will be making its comeback this update. Both big and small changes were made to the overgrown paradise throughout many past updates with the efforts of creating balanced gameplay and an even better map theme, but our continuous monitor of our players’ voices has made us realize the reworked Sanhok was not producing the anticipated, positive gameplay experience.

Therefore, even if it is undeniably sad to say goodbye to a longtime feature, we have decided to revert Sanhok to its original appearance and work on making it better by starting from the very beginning. We are of course continuously discussing various methods on improving Sanhok moving forward.

Key Landmark Changes

  • Bootcamp - One of Sanhok’s popular hot drops, this abandoned training facility returns with its representative lobster-shaped building.
  • Ruins - Drop back onto the roof of the daring chambers.
  • Docks (Previously Getaway) - Say goodbye to the touristy resort town and welcome back the cargo-rich docks!
  • Quarry - The reworks have also been undone to the flooded limestone quarry.
  • Bhan - The nameless set of houses has redeemed its original identity.

Removed Features

  • Jammer Pack
  • Decoy Grenade
  • Loot Truck

Remaining Items


  • M79
  • 40mm Smoke Grenade
  • Mk12
  • Panzerfaust
  • C4

Tactical Gear

  • Drone
  • EMT Gear
  • Spotter Scope
  • Tactical Pack


  • Mountain Bike
PUBG ACE32 Assault Rifle
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PUBG ACE32 Assault Rifle

Players seem to struggle mastering recoil control to use the powerful 7.62mm Assault Rifles (AR). So to relieve some of that stress, we are excited to introduce a relatively simple 7.62mm AR boasting high stability (low recoil), the ACE32!

  • The ACE32 will world spawn in every map.
  • Weapon slot: Primary weapon
  • Available Modes: Ranked Matches, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC), Training Mode
  • Unavailable in Custom Match - Esports Mode.

PUBG Season 16 Ranked Rewards

With Season 17 beginning with the launch of update 17.1, players that took part in Season 16 will receive their rewards. Find the full list of rewards in the table below.

Bronze PUBG ID Emblem
Silver PUBG ID Emblem
Gold PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin
Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin
Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin
Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem, Animated Master Nameplaye, Ranked Parachute Skin
Top 500
Animate Top 500 PUBG ID Emblem, Animated Top 500 Nameplate
  • TheParachute Skin is a permanent reward.
  • The rest of the obtainable rewards are available for use during a single Ranked Season.
  • Rewards can be found in your Inventory once Season 17 starts.
  • Once Season 17 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, every reward but the Parachute Skin will be withdrawn from the Inventory.

Tactical Gear

Tactical Pack

  • The Tactical Pack can no longer store other Tactical Gear (Drone, EMT Gear, Spotter Scope).

Map Service

Karakin will be replaced with the original version of Sanhok for this update’s Normal Match rotation. Erangel, Miramar, and Taego will continue to be permanent fixtures for Ranked.

Normal Match

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Taego
  • Haven
  • Sanhok

Ranked Match

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Taego



  • The team logo, photos, and trophy of the winners of PGC 2021, NewHappy, have entered the Hall of Fame.
  • Added billboards displaying the latest PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS news to certain areas such as the Starting Island, Shooting Range, Quarry, Georgopol, Pochinki, and more.
  • Fifth Anniversary decorations have been removed.
  • Removed building decorations hinting the original Sanhok update (have you noticed?)


  • Removed building decorations hinting the original Sanhok update.
PUBG Training Mode Update 17.1
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  • Added ACE32 to the Training Helper.
  • The following items have been removed from the Training Helper as we’ve received many reports on their misuses of hindering other players’ activities on the training grounds.
    - Molotov Cocktail
    - BZ Grenade
    - C4
    - Sticky Bomb

Arcade Mode - Team Deathmatch

  • Added ACE32 Spawn Kit to Team Deathmatch.

Spawn Kit Improvements

  • Added 60 additional 9mm ammo and Canted Sight to VSS Kit
  • Added 30 additional ammo of every ammo type to Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) Kits (excluding VSS Kit)
  • Added 4x Scope to attachable Submachine Guns (SMG) Kits

The current Sanhok map has been removed from Team Deathmatch. But no worries – the original Sanhok will be added back in a later update.

With current Sanhok’s removal, the map matchmaking ratio for Team Deathmatch has been adjusted to the following:

  • Erangel 25 / Miramar 15 / Sanhok 0 / Vikendi 20 / Taego 40

Custom Match

  • Removed Sanhok map from Custom Match – Team Deathmatch. The original Sanhok will be added back in a later update.

Team Deathmatch Spawn Kit Improvements

  • Added 60 additional 9mm ammo and Canted Sight to VSS Kit
  • Added 30 additional ammo of every ammo type to Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) Kits (excluding VSS Kit)
  • Added 4x Scope to attachable Submachine Guns (SMG) Kits

Added spawn setting for ACE32.

(PC) Added spawn setting for ACE32 to Custom Match – Sandbox.


  • Added falling animation to DBNOed characters when they fall from cliffs, buildings, etc.


  • Added weapon categories for ACE32 and Mk12 to Customize – Weapons.
  • (Console) Changed zoom in/out key for the preview screen in Customize to the following:
    - PlayStation®: R3 Button
    - Xbox: Right Stick Button
    - Stadia: Right Stick
PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes
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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue of the Deploy Parachute interaction not showing up/working at high altitude.
  • Fixed the aim accuracy exceeding 100% once you start shooting at 0 seconds at the Aim Lab in Training Mode.
  • Fixed the occasional issue of vehicles spawning buried in the ground.
  • Fixed the issue of bots unable to recognize and/or go through Drones.
  • Fixed characters’ missing emote animation at a certain point in Death Cam.
  • Fixed the issue of teammates unable to Join Team Emote after winning a match.
  • Fixed the issue of being able to see another player at the indoor shooting range in Training Mode.
  • Fixed the issue of players dying instantly before getting DBNOed when reaching 0 HP at a certain location.
  • (PC) Fixed the occasional issue of the foggy Training Mode map.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of a player’s Grenade throwing movement displayed differently from another player’s perspective.
  • (PC) Fixed the missing sound effect when using the Vending Machine for the first time.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue of being able to duplicate primary weapons stored in the Tactical Pack.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Erangel.
  • (PC) Fixed the abnormal texture in Taego when lowering texture quality at DirectX 11 Enhanced options.


  • Fixed the Custom Match session’s password settings getting reset after changing the session’s settings.
  • Fixed the issue of Haven displayed in all capitalized letters at the Random Map screen in NA Server.
  • Fixed the awkward title size in Training Mode when language is set to Arabic.
  • Fixed the missing list in the Training Helper when language is set to Arabic.
  • Fixed the issue of the end-of-match screen popping up twice when a Squad wins second place.
  • Fixed the issue of the missing character at the lobby after previewing an item at the Store.
  • Fixed the issue of the missing character and background after changing language settings at the lobby.
  • (PC) Fixed the Survivor Pass level up item’s “Cannot be refunded” message displayed in Korean regardless of the setting’s language.
  • (PC) Fixed the Survivor Pass level up item’s message popping up more than twice when used.
  • (PC) Fixed the awkward Score UI’s location when playing the Aim/Sound Lab at 21:9 aspect ratio.
  • (PC) Fixed the awkward System Menu location at 21:9 aspect ratio.
  • (PC) Fixed bots’ missing nicknames on their Nameplates in Match Report.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of the slow transition to the Team Finder screen when players click Team Finder at the lobby.
  • (PC) Fixed the overlapping Training Helper UI when zooming in Training Mode’s minimap.
  • (Console) Fixed the missing Plus Pack/Starter Package from the Store.
  • (Console) Fixed the missing Xbox player’s profile when checking the received/sent friend request.
  • (Console) Fixed the activated category issue at the Store item category list when there are no available items.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue of players unable to interact with the buttons on the end-of-match screen.

Items and Skins

Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • Fixed the issue where the female character’s hip turns transparent when equipping both JISOO’s BLACKPINK bottom items with the majority of top items.
  • Fixed the skirt’s clipping issue when equipping both JENNIE’s BLACKPINK Leggings with Sweet Threads Uniform.
  • Fixed the pant’s clipping issue when a female character equips both Rabbit Season Hoodie with PGC 2019 Combat Pants.
  • Fixed a female character’s Polar Bear Suit turning extremely dark in shadowy areas.
  • Fixed the missing lock icon in Event weapon skins’ lock settings.
  • Fixed the issue of certain parts of a dropped Mk47 Mutant with J0’s Mk47 Mutant skin equipped glowing.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when equipping both Sinister Skull Mask with the Wild Cat Hoodie.
  • Fixed the issue of RYAN’s Slippers turning transparent when equipping both RYAN’s Slippers with Divemaster Suit.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where the character’s wrists turn transparent when equipping both NieR Replicant ver.1.22 – Kainé’s Dress with Tormented Knight Gloves.
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