PES 2022 Reportedly Plans To Go Full Free To Play Later This Year

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New statements from Andy Robinson from VGC on the latest VGC Off The Record podcast, suggests that Konami is set to shake things up and make PES 2022 fully free-to-play.

At about twenty minutes into the show, Robinson says that "Konami are flickering to life" with the publisher set to bring changes to PES 2022. "They're going to go properly free-to-play and really change it up".

Robinson then points to the recently announced online playtest for a Konami football (soccer) game, which we all assumed to be PES 2022, as a sign that the publisher will be shaking up the formula this year.

This would mark a major shift for the football franchise, but it might also be a smart one. FIFA has long been the top dog in the premium football game market and by going free-to-play, PES 2022 could carve out a new audience for itself and potentially pull in more players than it ever has.

Last year's entry PES 2021, came in the form of a title update for PES 2020, rather than a brand new game. Therefore, Konami has now had two years to work on this new entry.

With the game likely releasing in early Fall 2021, we likely are only a few weeks away from a reveal. But, for now, you can catch up with all the news we know about PES 2022 here.

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