eFootball 2022 Option File: How To Download On PS5 & PC

eFootball 2022 is officially live, as the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise takes its first step into the free-to-play world.

But as those who have played PES in the past will know, the Konami title do not have the longest list of licensed clubs in the game.

Fear not though, as there is a way around these licensing issues. Step forward the eFootball 2022 Option File.

What Is An eFootball Option File?

An Option File is an optional add on for eFootball that will allow you to download a range of kits and logos to your eFootball account.

All of the add-ons have been created by the eFootball community, and can be accessed via a PC/laptop.

How To Access eFootball Option Files

There is a host of eFootball community sites that offer option files.

pesfutebol.com is the most commonly used site, though there are a range of others available.

The PES Reddit feed is usually a good place to start for those looking for the more obscure leagues for their eFootball save.

How To Download eFootball Option File

Option Files are available for those playing on PC/PS4/PS5, and they are relatively simple to download.


  1. First, head to the option file that you wish to access and download it onto your PC/laptop.
  2. Once saved, head to your console, open up eFootball and open the Settings tab.
  3. Selecting edit should create a section called "Edit Date". This is where you will copy your Option Files into.
  4. Simply transfer the option file data into this section via a USB and voila, you have your licenses in-game!


It's a slightly different process if you're playing on PC.

If you're playing via Steam then you can find your downloaded option files here: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball.

If you're not playing on Steam, you will be looking for something that looks a little like this: My Documents > Konami > eFootball

From there, the process remains the same.

  1. Copy all your downloaded files directly into the relevant folder.
  2. Open eFootball and head to Settings>Edit>Import/Export.
  3. Click "Import Team".
  4. Click "Select All Files".
  5. Head to "Detailed Settings" and untick all the boxes.
  6. Hit "OK" and there you have it, your option files will be in-game.

Can You Use eFootball Option Files on Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Unfortuanely, option files are only available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

Microsoft's consoles are not compatible with third-party files, which means you cannot transfer the data from your PC to your console.

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