Gollum Developer Says 60 FPS Is A 'Priority' For The Lord Of The Rings PS5 Game

Gollum, the long-awaited action-adventure title from Daedalic Entertainment, is targeting 60 FPS on PS5, according to the devs.

In Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Jonas Hüsges explained that "one trend that is already apparent is the increased amount Of 60FPS titles."

"This is certainly a priority for us, too. Gollum is agile and his movement is vital to our gameplay, so it is very important that the game feels responsive at all times".

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Gollum Developer Says 60 FPS Is A 'Priority' For The Lord Of The Rings PS5 Game

With the game targeting a 2022 release date, it seems the team has some time to reach its goal of 60FPS.

It's not the first time Tolkien's universe and frame-rate have been mentioned together. The Hobbit trilogy was famously shot in 48 FPS, and proved divisive.

We recently discussed why Gollum's new solo adventure could be a huge deal.

"Turning all of Middle-Earth into a parkour stealth game offers us a chance to understand Gollum’s tunnel vision, seeing only the end goal and not the world’s majesty," we said.

Check out the game's first trailer below:

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