Hood: Outlaws and Legends: Release Date, Price, Platforms, Trailer, Gameplay and Everything You Need To Know

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Hood: Outlaws and Legends is Sumo Digital's latest title, but it couldn't be more different from the developer's previous game, Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

The game is set within a dark, mysterious world that will feature PVE and PVP, with a focus on multiplayer heists in Medieval times.

Based on the legend of Robin Hood, players steal treasure from the wealthy through stealth or combat.

Here is everything you need to know.

Release Date

Hood: Outlaws and Legends arrives on May 10.

What Is It?

For those who do not know, here is the official Steam description of the game: 

In a violent, medieval world, outplay rival gangs in intense PvPvE multiplayer heists. Moving in stealth to steal treasures unseen or dominating through loud and brutal combat, only the best will escape with hard-earned riches.

Two teams of 4 players compete to execute the perfect heist, in medieval environments patrolled by deadly AI guards. With the unique skills and mystical abilities of each character, moving in stealth to steal treasures unseen or dominating through loud and brutal combat.

Blood will be spilled. Riches will be stolen. Legends will be reborn.


The game will feature four character classes: The Ranger, The Hunter, The Brawler, and the Mystic.

Check out the trailers for each as they're released below:

The Ranger

The Hunter

The Brawler

The Mystic


Check out the gameplay overview below:


Check out some of the gameplay trailers that have been showcased for Hood: Outlaws and Legends.



As per the Steam listing for the game, it is going to run players $29.99 USD or £26.99.

The game will feature a battle pass, too.


The new game will also be playable on the following platforms:

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PC

Be sure to let us know if you are going to be picking up this new release when it hits shelves in May!


Hood will offer a series of free and premium updates after launch. Find out more here.

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