Complete Gran Turismo 7 Guide

GT7 is finally here, which means it's time for our complete Gran Turismo 7 guide!

It's been nearly nine years since the last numbered release in the Gran Turismo franchise, and there is a whole new single-player campaign to race through.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a GT veteran, there will be something in here to help!

Gran Turismo 7 review

Let's start with a simple question, is Gran Turismo 7 any good? As it turns out, yes it is!

We gave GT7 a 5/5 in our review. Our racing-mad friends over at RacingGames.GG gave it a strong review too.

In short, it's a must-buy for PlayStation gamers with any interest in cars and racing!

Getting started in GT7

GT7 takes no time in dropping you into its world. While the game holds your hand a little, you get given just 20,000 credits and sent to buy your first car.

The question is, which of the three options should you get? There is a best car you can start with, but this isn't a Pokemon game, you'll get to use all three eventually!

The unlock screen for Deep Forest Raceway in Gran Turismo 7
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There are some classic Gran Turismo tracks returning for GT7

As you follow the menus at the GT Cafe the world unlocks around you. From the Tuning Shop, where you can upgrade your cars, to Sport Mode it all unravels before you.

Just follow the menu books and you'll eventually unlock each of the 34 locations to race at, along with Missions, Licence Tests, and more locations to buy cars.

Earning credits

Money makes the world go round, and in Gran Turismo 7 it is a bit of a scarce resource.

Cars are expensive, upgrades costly, and there aren't a lot of quick and repeatable challenges that can keep your bank balance healthy.

There are a few races that have big rewards, but they can take some time and a good deal of skill to win. Our friends at RacingGames.GG have discovered the best credit grind. However, as you race, you should amass a good deal of credits.

Just don't get too frivolous when upgrading and shopping for new cars and you should be ok!

Extensive car collection

Gran Turismo 7 rewards you with cars as you play. There are a number of ways to get free cars within the game, but you can't rely on those to fill your garage.

The full car list has 424 cars, and that will only grow as Polyphony has already promised more in future updates.

The Used Cars Dealership in Gran Turismo 7
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Older cars will appear in the Used Cars lot

If you really want to collect them all it will take some time. With some cars reaching upward of 8 million credits, and perhaps as high as 20, you'll have to be patient.

There are three places you can buy cars. The Used Car Dealership will have older cars and some good bargains, while Brand Central is more like going to a showroom and buying a car straight from the manufacturer.

Legend Cars is all about the rare classics, and is where the most expensive cars are found. These range from GT icons like the Supra GT500 '97 to legendary vehicles like the Aston Martin DB5.

Make use of tutorials

Gran Turismo 7 has plenty of places for you to practice before you jump into races.

The Licence Tests take you through everything from the basics of braking to chaining corners together and driving in the rain.

Missions ask you to weave your way through traffic or master drifting.

Getting National Licence B in Gran Turismo 7
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Can you pass the test?

Meanwhile, Circuit Experience, tucked away under the World Circuits tab, lets you repeat bite-sized pieces of each track. Slowly acclimatising you to the challenges of the Nordschleife or giving you the chance to master that frustrating final sector of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Completing these is not only good for improving your skill but also wins you credits, while the Licence Tests and Missions reward you periodically with more free cars!

Upgrade your experience

Gran Turismo 7 is a highly accessible racing game. This is especially true on PS5 where the DualSense controller elevates your experience to another level.

Your controller is also fully customisable. You can change controller settings to suit you and even tone down the strength of the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers if you wish.

However, like most racing games GT7 is best played with a wheel. There are options for every price range, but these are our picks as the best wheels for Gran Turismo 7.

From wheels that simply clamp to a desk to full racing rigs, there are plenty of possibilities out there, and every wheel opens your world up to other racing titles like F1 2021 or Assetto Corsa Competizione too!

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