5 things we're excited about for the Dota 2 Arlington Major

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With the Arlington Major just days away, Dota 2 fans all over the world are excited to witness another Major held on American soil. It has been six years since the last Major in Boston, and the Arlington Major is ready to offer a tournament that the community will never forget.

Arlington Major is the last major in the Dota Pro Circuit 2022 to award qualifying points for the upcoming The International 2022 this October. By the end of this tournament, teams with enough DPC points will have the privilege of being directly invited to the tournament, while some teams will have to battle it out in the qualifiers right after the Major. Dota 2 enthusiasts worldwide will witness fierce competition this time.


Since the pandemic started, there have been multiple cancellations of Valve-related events, even changing The International 10’s venue months before the event. Arlington Major will be another breath of fresh air, as this is the second major event to have a live audience, just like the most recent Stockholm Major. With that in mind, here are the top 5 things we are excited about in the upcoming Dota 2 Arlington Major.

PSG.LGD team holding the trophy for Riyadh Masters
Credit: Gamers8 Esports

Chinese teams are playing again after skipping Stockholm Major

Known for having one of the toughest teams in the competition, China has skipped Stockholm Major, possibly because of the pandemic situation in the country. This time, they are more than ready to compete on the international scene, and we will finally see Chinese teams such as RNG, PSG.LGD, and Team Aster battle out with the other regions.

Image showing Ceb entering the arena
Credit: OG Esports A/S

Notable pro players are coming out of retirement

Despite their relatively young roster, OG dominates the Dota 2 scene in western Europe. Bringing in new talents just meant that the organisation is welcoming growth and is open to brand new opportunities. Winning their Aegis of Champions for two years in a row meant that most of its original roster would be on a professional break, but it seems like players like Anathan “Ana” Pham and Sebastien “Ceb” Debs are more than ready to join the fray. Ana will be attending the Arlington Majors wearing a different uniform as a stand-in for RNG, and Ceb will temporarily replace Misha as Position 5 for OG.

Image of the Arlington Major broadcast talent
Credit: PGL Esports

Arlington Major’s panel is as enjoyable as ever

Fan favourites such as Trent, Lyrical, Lacoste, and SirActionSlacks will be there to make the Major as entertaining as ever. New and upcoming panellists such as Sheepsticked, Danog, and johnxfire will also showcase their impressive analysis and casting. While some of Dota 2’s popular panellists like ODPixel and Capitalist are not present in this major, the community is still sure to be able to enjoy fantastic analysis and commentary.

Image showing the Singapore skyline for The International 2022
Credit: Valve

Final DPC Major before the first-ever TI in SEA

Dota 2 enthusiasts in South East Asia will now experience The International in their home region. The International 11 will be held in Singapore on October 15-30, 2022, and for the first time, will feature a total of 20 qualified teams. Arlington Major is the last Major to determine which teams will receive a direct invite to the esports most lucrative tournament, with a whopping US$40 million prize pool last year.

Image of the Dota 2 hero Zeus

Ever-changing Meta

Dota 2’s 7.31d update brought multiple changes, including changes to early game items such as the Bracer and Null Talisman. Healing salves now also have decreased duration when cast on an ally. These changes happened right after Stockholm Major, so aside from the initial DPC Tour 2 tournaments in each respective region, it’ll be the first time we’ll see these changes in a Valve-sponsored offline event. The community’s reactions are mixed when balancing heroes and items in Dota 2, so having to see a new meta right after the Arlington Major will be a very much-needed adjustment by competitive and casual gamers alike.


With only two days until the group stage, the final pitstop on the road to The International 11 will begin, and some teams will get enough DPC points to qualify, while the others can’t do anything but wait for the next season. Regardless of which teams you think will make it to the Internationals, you can always follow us for more Dota 2 news.