Is Evil Genius 2 Coming To Console: PS4, Xbox, Switch Release Date News

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Evil Genius 2 releases March 30 for PC via Steam.

It’s a highly anticipated follow-up to the cult classic Evil Genius from the early 2000s, but the big question is: will Evil Genius 2 release on consoles, including Nintendo Switch?

The answer is surprisingly vague at this point, as Rebellion isn’t committing one way or the other.

However, we have our own ideas on whether Evil Genius 2 will be on console based on how the game plays and Rebellion’s track record with previous releases.

Beyond that, there’s also precedent for games like Evil Genius 2 being ported to consoles.

They might feature complicated interfaces, but other, equally complicated games have crossed that bridge before.

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Is Evil Genius 2 Coming To Console: PS4, Xbox, Switch Release Date News

Will Evil Genius 2 release on Xbox One?

Rebellion said it's focusing on releasing Evil Genius 2 for PC right now and has no current plans for releasing on Xbox One.

Will Evil Genius 2 release on PS4?

Same here, though the official Evil Genius 2 FAQ page mentions Rebellion isn’t ruling anything out for future releases.

Will Evil Genius 2 release on Switch?

Also same here. Again, Rebellion said nothing is off the table, though it’s worth noting several of Rebellion’s previous releases appeared on Nintendo Switch, including Zombie Army 4 and Sniper Elite 4.

Sniper Elite 4 in particular reviewed well, though that leads to the possible issue of why Evil Genius 2 won’t be on consoles.

There’s a lot going on in the game’s UI, in addition to precision controls for movement and faster command speed on PC when you’re selecting and placing items.

Still, precision management games such as Two Point Hospital translated very well to the Switch and other consoles, so as Rebellion said, anything’s possible.

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