Evil Genius 2: How to Save Game

Evil Genius 2 is a complex game, and it’s not one you’ll want to lose any save data in. 

Yet despite the game's lengthy tutorial, it never actually gets around to telling you how to save in Evil Genius 2.

Evil Genius 2 has two different save types, though the smartest thing to do is keeping up with manual saves.

You can save at any point in the game, except during cutscenes, and Evil Genius 2’s autosave function automatically creates a save cloud file at specific intervals.

It’s worth keeping up with.

Evil Genius 2 doesn’t unfold quickly, and the last thing you want is having to replay big chunks of the game just because your most recent save was too far back.

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Evil Genius 2: How to Save Game

Evil Genius 2’s save files live under the options menu.

Press the “Escape” key to access the options menu, and “save game” is the first option, followed by “load game.”

Evil Genius 2 Save File Locations

Once you choose save, you’ll decide where to store the save: cloud or local.

Local is Evil Genius 2’s manual save option, and it's the one you should use most often.

Keeping multiple save files is highly recommended in case one of your schemes goes awry later on.

Evil Genius 2 Cloud Saves

It goes without saying, but Evil Genius 2’s cloud saves upload your save data to the game’s cloud.

This is where your autosaves default to as well.

Evil Genius 2 autosaves every 10 minutes or so, though you can manually save to the cloud as well.

Whatever your preferred method, it’s a good idea to manually save often.

A lot can happen in 10 minutes, and manual saves offer better control over fixing mistakes and getting yourself back on track.

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