Evil Genius 2: How to Move Items

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Taking over the world is impossible without building the best lair, and that means lots of moving items in Evil Genius 2.

Your first lair build won’t be your final build — or it shouldn’t be, at least — and you’ll move items around to make room for more item or bigger rooms.


Evil Genius 2 tells you how to move items in the tutorial. 

Yet it’s one of the first things it teaches you, and it’s easy to forget or overlook in the massive info dump the game hits you with in the first few hours.

You’ll also have to place whatever you move, which involves choosing what direction it faces, and that’s a much more fiddly operation.

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Evil Genius 2: How to Move Items

To move items in Evil Genius 2, left click the item you want, and hold the mouse button down.

You’ll see a green meter fill up, and then you can adjust the item’s position as needed.

When you click to place the item, you’ll have to choose which way it faces, and the controls are a bit sensitive here.


Slightly shifting your mouse in any of the cardinal directions will adjust the item’s facing position.

If you’re having trouble, try using very small mouse movements.

Evil Genius 2 lets you move items for free, but it does take time.

Moving items goes on the task list for any available minions, and it’s a command they might not fulfill immediately if they’re busy with other things.


One of Emma’s unique abilities bypasses this issue and forces minions to prioritize any task in a specific area, but if you’re playing as any other genius, you’ll just have to factor time into your planning.

Just be aware you’ll likely run out of power while minions move generators, and it could impact planned missions on the world stage, though only for a short time.

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