Evil Genius 2 Heat Level: How to Lower Heat Level and What Happens When it’s Maxed Out

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Evil Genius 2 is all about slowly taking over the world with evil schemes. You’ll have a huge number of minions at your disposal which can be used to take on undercover missions across different continents. Most of the time, things will go smoothly, job done. Other times you will add a heat level to any areas you complete missions in, and will want to work on keeping this as low as possible. To help you manage your Heat level we’ve put together this guide. We’ll show you how to lower heat level and what happens if you max it out in a certain area.

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How to Lower Your Heat Level in Evil Genius 2

To lower your Heat Level in Evil Genius 2 you will need to take on certain missions. These special schemes are indicated with purple markers, and will each tell you how much heat will be deducted upon completion. You can also use Emma as your Genius if you would like extra help keeping heat level low.

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What Happens If You Hit Maximum Heat?

If you manage to fill the heat gauge associated with a particular area you will trigger a cooldown. You won’t be able to run any missions while this cooldown is in effect. This can really slow down your operations so make sure you take on schemes that lower heat every now and then. You can always do schemes in other regions while you wait, but you generally want to avoid your heat level getting too high.

That’s all you need to know about heat level in Evil Genius 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at which Genius to pick. Elsewhere there’s our guide on enabling Vulkan.

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