Evil Genius 2 Best Genius: Which Genius to Pick

Evil Genius 2 allows you to run your very own evil lair as you slowly take over the world. You’ll build up a large base of operations that’s villainous on the inside, but a respectable front on the outside. It takes a lot of careful planning and plotting to achieve world domination, and you’ll need to make your choices carefully. The very first choice is an important one: which Genius should you pick? We’ve detailed each of the four Geniuses in this guide, and will weigh up the pros and cons associated with them.

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Evil Genius 2: Which Genius to Choose?

There are four Geniuses to try out in Evil Genius 2. Each has a different skill set and play style, and their own campaign. Which one you pick will determine the focus of your operation. Here’s each one and what they’re good at:

  • Maximilian - an all-round villain. Probably the best one to start with
  • Red Ivan - focus on combat and Muscle Minions. Has a rocket launcher
  • Zalika - Science is key here. Repair and Science missions are given a boost
  • Emma - easier to reduce heat around the world. Deception Minions are particularly effective here.


A picture of Maximilian, one of the Geniuses available to play as in Evil Genius 2
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Maximilian is the star of Evil Genius 2, and is probably who you should start with. He is the only returning Genius from the first game and is a great all-rounder. You’ll start with additional minions and will earn gold more consistently. Here are Maximilian’s 3 main traits:

  1. Work Harder! - Order minions to prioritise jobs in Maximilian’s vicinity
  2. Train Faster! - Instantly completes any minion training near Maximilian.
  3. Large Work Force - Max knows when to rely on overwhelming numbers, and when to get a specialist in to do the job. Max can earn gold more reliably than anyone else and starts with additional minions.

Red Ivan

An image showing Red Ivan, one of the four Geniuses you can play as in Evil Genius 2
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Red Ivan has had quite the promotion since the last game. He’s now a fully-fledged Genius, but hasn’t exactly cooled in that time. He is focused on brute force, relying on Muscle Minions and a rocket launcher to get things done. Here’s his 3 main traits:

  1. Do It Now! - Order minions to prioritise jobs in Red Ivan’s vicinity. Additionally, any nearby minions receive a combat boost.
  2. Old School - Ivan equips a Rocket Launcher and fires a devastatingly powerful explosive shot. Warning: Chaos may ensue.
  3. Might Makes Right - Born in battle, Ivan is capable of marshalling a large number of Muscle minions without paying quite so much. Even his workers pack a better punch.


An image showing one of the four Geniuses in Evil Genius 2. This is Zalika, who focuses on science.
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Zalika is a new Genius in the series. She focuses on Science and repairs, using her smarts to conquer the world. Here are her three main traits:

  1. My Plans Take Priority! - Order minions to prioritise jobs in Zalika’s vicinity. Science Minions receive a bigger boost.
  2. Repair - Immediately repair all items and extinguish fires in her aura. Uses Smarts… and nanobots.
  3. True Genius - Zalika knows everything. Her Science minions are more capable than most, uncovering the mysteries of the universe much quicker.


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Finally we have Emma, who is also new to the series. Emma focuses on Deception, and keeping heat levels down across the globe. Here are her main attributes:

  1. Pay Attention! - Order minions to prioritise jobs in Emma’s vicinity. Also increases the spotting power of any nearby minions.
  2. Plotter - Emma bolsters her Henchman, resetting their Cooldowns and giving them an edge
  3. Spymaster - Emma’s history as the head of H.A.M.M.E.R. has left her with an intimate knowledge of her foes. Her Deception minions are more efficient, and she can reduce Heat more efficiently across the world.

Which Genius Should You Pick?

Each Genius has a different campaign and play style. If you played the first game and found yourself favouring a specific part, then choose a Genius that suits that style. If it’s your first game in the series, go with Maximilian to learn the ropes and then specialise later on by trying a different Genius.

That’s all you need to know about Evil Genius 2’s four Geniuses. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on using Vulkan when booting up the game. Elsewhere there’s our look at what happens if you hit maximum heat.

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