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Image of the Alan Wake logo.

Image of the Alan Wake logo.

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Alan Wake was an Xbox 360 exclusive by Remedy Entertainment and fans have desperately wanted a sequel. After the original game's cliffhanger ending, we've had a long wait for a new entry but finally, we know one's on its way.

Confirmed during The Game Awards 2021, Remedy finally lifted the lid on this upcoming sequel, published by Epic Games. That follows on from Control: AWE, an expansion that revealed Remedy's shared universe which saw Alan finally reappear. While we don't know much just yet, here's everything we've seen so far about Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 latest news

21 October 2022 -

No news on Alan Wake 2 yet, though the remaster of the original game landed on Nintendo Switch this week. With the Alan Wake series back in the public eye, don't be surprised if we get some sequel news soon.

25 April 2022 -

It's been a good few months since Alan Wake 2 was confirmed, but we haven't heard anything since, not even the odd tidbit. Remedy did say that they'd go dark on the game for a good while after its reveal, so we can only presume that it's deep in development at this point.

10 December 2021 -

Remedy has officially confirmed Alan Wake 2 is finally happening, revealed through a new cinematic trailer.

Alan Wake 2 - release date and platforms

Alan Wake 2 launches in 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. We don't have a more specific release window yet, which isn't entirely surprising.

While we wait, you can pick up Alan Wake Remastered on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Alan Wake 2 - gameplay

Remedy has revealed that unlike the original Alan Wake, which they consider an action game, Alan Wake 2 ventures into survival horror. Confirming this on a PlayStation Blog, Remedy stated:

Whereas the first Alan Wake had horror elements in it, it was an action game. Alan Wake 2 is Remedy’s first survival horror game. Our take on the genre. Our opportunity to truly connect the gameplay and the story. It is a deep, layered mystery.

As part of that same blog, Remedy also revealed that you won't need to play their previous games for this, though it comes recommended:

"Playing our previous games is not required in any way to fully enjoy Alan Wake 2, but to those interested, it will add to the backstory of it."

Alan Wake 2 - trailer

Here's the Alan Wake 2 reveal trailer, as seen during The Game Awards 2021:

We'll keep this updated as we learn more.

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