When Will 7 Days To Die Alpha 21 Release?

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7 Days To Die recently launched the early access game's latest Alpha, bringing a whole slew of major updates. However, if you're not enjoying the current build - Alpha 20 - and want to know when the next batch of major updates will arrive for the survival horror game, you'll likely have to wait for the arrival of Alpha 21. With that in mind, here's everything we know about when the next update could release.


What Is The 7 Days To Die Alpha 21 Release Date?

At the time of writing there is no official release date for 7 Days To Die Alpha 21; and unfortunately, you'll probably be waiting quite some time for the next major update too.

In general, the developer will release one significant update to the game each year. Sure there are bound to be various smaller experimental updates throughout the year, but if you're wondering when Alpha 21 will arrive, don't hold your breath.

To give you a better insight into how regularly the game is updated, take a look at the release dates below:

7 Days To Die Update Release Date
Alpha 20December 21, 2021
Alpha 19June 25, 2020
Alpha 18October 2, 2019
Alpha 17December 22, 2018
Alpha 16August 31, 2017

As you can see, major updates for the game are fairly infrequent. Gamewatcher reports that the game's developer (The Fun Pimps) has been working on expanding its admittedly small team, but we can't see much evidence of that online.

With this in mind, we can't see the pace of updates increasing anytime soon, and would imagine it'll be the end of 2022 before we see any significant updates to the game released.

Even then, we wouldn't rule out the possibility that fans are waiting until early 2023 for the next Alpha update.


For now, we would suggest players keep up to date on the game's current release, which is Alpha 20, and any of the game's smaller updates released by the developers over the course of 2022. For the latest news and updates for Alpha 20, follow the link.