Project 007 To Offer “A Bond For The Gaming Industry”

Hitman developer IO Interactive has revealed more of its vision for its upcoming James Bond game, currently titled Project 007.

In a new episode of IGN Unfiltered, the site's long-form interview series, IO CEO Hakan Abrak discussed the company's approach to the iconic licence.

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Project 007 To Offer “A Bond For The Gaming Industry”

In the discussion, Abrak confirms that the team is working on "A Bond for the gaming industry", and stressed the importance of an original take on the character (thanks, IGN).

"So, I think for us to really embrace this fully, and really, as I said before, we don't like to work 'mechanical.' It's not just because it's a big IP, or it's a licensed game, and commercially this is interesting... It means nothing to us", Abrak explains.

"We've taken a lot of non-commercial risks before. So, for us, it's about... we need to feel it, deep inside. The passion needs to be there, so it was very important for us that it wasn't a movie adaptation. So, it wasn't a game about... a specific movie, where the story has already been told."

As part of the interview, Abrak noted that IO's Bond won't be sharing the likenesses with any prior incarnations of the character.

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