FIFA 21 Icon Swaps Set 2: Release Dates, Predictions, Live Countdown And Tips On How To Prepare

Icon Swaps Set 2 is on the horizon...

Icon Swaps Set 2 is set to arrive in the coming weeks in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, bringing another set of available Icons and high-value pack rewards that can be obtained through gameplay-related objectives.

Icon Swaps Set 1 has been a bit disappointing in terms of Icon rewards, only offering six mediocre options.

But thankfully, the pack rewards have been worth the grind.

From the first Icon Swaps Set that was released, we can make some educated predictions as to how Icon Swap Set 2 will function, and get you prepared perfectly to tackle these objectives for high-level rewards!

What Are Icon Swaps?

Icon Swaps is a program that runs multiple times throughout the FUT calendar, allowing players to earn tokens through gameplay objectives that can be used to claim icons and pack rewards.

In short, this is how Icon Swaps work:

  1. Complete Player Token Objectives - These are gameplay related objectives completed typically throughout Division Rivals, Squad Battles as well as the newly introduced Live FUT Friendlies.
  2. Earn Player Tokens
  3. Redeem Player Tokens for Icons and other pack rewards through the SBC tab, fully available on the full Icon Swaps release.
  4. Icon Swaps Set 2 Release Date

    With Icon Swaps Set 1 expiring on February 12th, as confirmed in the FUT menus, we can assume that Icon Swaps Set 2 will kick off potentially as the 1st set ends, around the same date.

    Given that the tokens will be released over 2 seasons, we can predict that the first set of tokens and objectives for Icon Swaps Set 2 will be released around mid-February, with the 2nd batch of tokens being released at the start of the following FUT season around the end of March or start of April.

    Icon Swaps Set 2 News & Predictions

    While the structure for Icon Swaps has clearly changed from FUT 20, with far greater emphasis on pack rewards, and far fewer icons to choose from, below you can see the calibre of icons that were released during Icon Swaps Set 2.

    With regards to pack rewards, we’d expect a number of packs to return in Icon Swap Set 2, such as the 2x Ultimate Packs, 5x85+ Pack and 25x83+ Pack, given their popularity from the first set. Expect bigger Icon Packs to also feature, including more Prime Icon pack rewards to match the increased power curve of the game.

    In terms of icons, we’ll drop some predictions closer to the full release of Icon Swaps Set 2, as the selection may be changed or influenced by the various Icon SBCs that are released beforehand.

    How To Prepare For FIFA 21 Icon Swap Set 2

    Now that we’ve had Icon Swaps Set 1, we can have far more educated predictions and tips on how best to prepare for Icon Swaps Set 2.

    It’s clear that a First Owner Requirement has been brought back in for FUT 21, with Icon Swaps Objectives being tailored towards Friendlies with various squad restrictions, i.e. 1 league, so make sure you:

    • Save meta (i.e. useable players in game) from Top 5 Leagues, i.e. Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A & Ligue 1
    • Save meta (i.e. useable players in game) from Popular Nations, i.e. Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium
    • Complete Loan SBCs for usable meta cards from Top 5 Nations & Top 5 Leagues

    Be sure to also familiarise yourself with the Golden Goal Rule in friendly objectives, as this will make your grind run much quicker and smoother. Due to friendlies not counting towards records or contracts, it makes sense to work together as a community and play a ‘First Goal Wins’ type game, where the person that concedes first quits to let the goalscorer have the win, and get a point towards completing his objective.

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