Best Phone for Gaming 2021: Our top picks for gaming phones

From IOS to Android, we've got you covered!

To find the best phone for gaming, it's always best to do your homework especially as we motor through 2021 and head closer to more and more exciting announcements from the world of mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming once was fairly easy to navigate, however (and we're not complaining) thanks to the huge advancements in technology players around the world are now able to experience incredible titles from pretty much anywhere they want.

Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Pokemon GO and many more top the ranks with millions of players getting in on the action, and with so many more exciting additions on the way, there's a lot to look forward to this year.

As expected, you'll need a good phone so you can get the most out of your mobile gaming, so let's take a look at some standout devices available right now.

Best Phone for Gaming on Android: Asus ROG Gaming Phone 3

Best Phone for Gaming on Android, Asus ROG Gaming Phone

ROG, PAPER, SCISSORS: Go for the win with this beauty!

This ASUS ROG Gaming Phone 3 is certainly a bit of beast and great for serious mobile gamers.

First off, it's got an impressive 144Hz AMOLED screen, which is a winning combo when it comes to both gameplay fluidity and excellent picture quality.

It's also got a 1ms response time which will come in handy for games which reward you for lightning-fast reactions, such as Fortnite and COD for instance!

Add this to an impressive 6,000mAh battery and a unique and effective cooling system, plus all the bells and whistles (Triple Primary Camera for one) and you've got a truly knockout gaming phone.

Best Phone for Gaming Mid-Range: Black Shark 3

Best Phone for Gaming Mid-Range

TRIPLE THREAT: BIg, powerful, and strikingly designed! 

The Black Shark 3 is powerhouse Android phone but doesn't quite break the bank as much as some of the other entries on our list.

It has a substantial 6.67 inch screen with an outstanding 2080 x 2440 resolution for amazing visuals. There's also a huge amount of RAM too and the battery is quite hefty at 4,720mAh, which will certainly come in handy while on the go.

The refresh rate is at a decent 90hz, which should be more than enough for most mobile gamers, especially if you find yourself sticking to the less high-action titles on the market.

Best Phone for Gaming IOS: iPhone 12 Pro

Best Phone for Gaming on IOS

THE LATEST & GREATEST: Apple's recent additions deliver the goods!

If you're looking for a great phone for gaming and you're keen to stick with IOS, then it's no surprise that the iPhone 12 Pro or the less expensive iPhone 12 (standard edition) can be a worthy contender for your next purchase.

The iPhone 12 Pro has some pretty impressive specs under its hood, including a weighty 6GB RAM, a powerful processor and good storage space.

The 6.1 inch screen may not be quite as large as some other phones on the market, but it's a familiar size that'll likely work for most gamers out there.

It's a great phone, and while not marketed explicitly as a 'gaming phone', it's still a solid choice for those wanting to access games through the App Store.

Best Phone for Gaming Under 600: Motorola Edge (Was: £549.99, Now: £499.95)

Best Phone for Gaming Under 600

CLEAN CUT: Crisp visuals and amazing sound!

The Motorola Edge is a pretty impressive phone for the price and has some unique functionality which can serve dedicated mobile players well.

A standout feature of this phone is the impressive display. It's an OLED 6.7 inch screen with an 'Endless Edge', meaning it wraps nearly 90 degrees around the sides of the device.

Like the Black Shark 3, you've got a 90hz refresh rate here for fluid gameplay and thanks to the 4500mAh battery you'll be sorted for fairly long stints too.

It even boasts some speakers which promise to deliver crispness, clarity and deep bass even at high volumes!

Best Phone for Gaming All-Rounder: Nubia Red Magic 

Best Phone for Gaming

TA DA! Was this the phone you were thinking of?

The Nubia Red Magic is another great phone which has some serious stopping power when it comes to gaming.

This Android phone has a large 6.65 inch screen with 1080 x 2340 resolution to boot, but its the 144hz refresh rate that makes it an awesome choice for high-octane titles. 

Shoulder triggers and a liquid cooling system go further to enhance your gaming experience, as does the abundant RAM, which should keep things running smoothly.

Like the Motorola Edge, it features a 4500mAh battery, which should be more than enough to keep you going.

Be sure to check back in with us, as we'll be updating this article with all the latest and greatest releases as we head further into 2021! 

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