Overwatch 2: Beta Rumours Circulating Over Battle.net Games Files
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Overwatch 2: Beta Rumours Circulating Over Battle.net Games Files

Alex Garton
12 October 2020

The hypothesise has begun.

Fans have been waiting for news on Overwatch 2 since it's reveal at Blizzcon 2019.

It's fair to say Blizzard has kept their lips sealed regarding the upcoming title.

Players have been looking for any clues or leaks with potential information on the game.

Despite no official information being released, dataminers have located some new and interesting in the Battle.net launcher.

Game Files Spark Overwatch 2 Beta Rumours

Dataminers have located CDN files reading 'prov2' in the Battle.net launcher.

This stands for 'content distribution network' and publishers use them to pre-allocate game data.

Unfortunatly, this is not direct confirmation of any Overwatch 2 beta.

However, it has led fans to specualte that playtesting for Overwatch 2 has started.

Some fans have even suggested a beta could be on it's way soon.

Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt as Blizzard has given no confirmation of a beta.

Expectation is that the game will release in 2021 as no announcement from Blizzard has suggested otherwise.

Although the game files don't offer concrete confirmation of an Overwatch 2 beta, it's given fans hope we can expect news on the game soon.

Let's hope Blizzard doesn't keep us in the dark for much longer and sets a release date.


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