Apex Legends Season 7: New Legend Horizon Leaks - Release Date, Abilities, Design And Everything We Know
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Apex Legends Season 7: New Legend Horizon Leaks - Release Date, Abilities, Design And Everything We Know

Gemma Le Conte
15 October 2020

Who is Horizon? Here's everything you need to know about her.

Season 6 isn't destined to stay with us forever and we're starting to get new leaks about what's arriving in Season 7.

One legend that has popped up previously is 'Valk' who appeared for the first time in October 2019.

It seems as though Valk could actually be Horizon too and the latest leaks and information point towards that theory.

Who is Horizon? Here's what we know.

New Legend Horizon

A new icon has appeared for the legend Horizon, after the Aftermarket patch went live.

An early look at Horizon's finisher:

Seven new legends were leaked in a mysterious screenshot that surfaced on the internet and it appears to be a match for one of the legends.

The above image matches the icon of the legend in the fourth row, second from the left.

While it was tough to transcribe the text with it being so blurry, the text very much looks like 'Horizon'.

Although many believe Valk and Horizon to be the same legend, they can both be seen in the above image.

Meaning there's a possibility they are completely separate, or could this be on purpose to mislead fans?

New teaser videos have also popped up that suggest she will be involved in challenges.

New audio files were added for a number of new assets, both weapons and legends, including Valk (Horizon).

Photo via @shrugtal

In a past image from Respawn, it shows past legends that have already released and potential future characters.

Rampart was in "design alpha" together with Valk/Horizon - likely meaning that Valk is next to arrive in Apex.


Here are her speculated abilities according to Shrugtal:

  • Passive - Soft Landing: Avoid fall stuns and gain some beneficial buff on landing.
  • Tactical - Repulsor: Displaces / Elevates players near point of contact.
  • Ultimate - Black Hole: Sucks in and damages nearby enemies.

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