Best PC Gaming Monitor 2021: Check out these awesome monitors available now!

From under 200 all the way to 240hz, we've got you covered!

When it comes to getting the best PC gaming monitor, there are not only a lot of choices but for most, a fair bit to understand too.

We've hand-picked some of the best monitors for PC gaming on the market today and if you're new to PC gaming, we've also got a quick guide to take some of the mystery out of them too!

Let's dive into some of our top picks for gaming monitors available right now in 2021, including our best PC monitor deal!

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Best PC Gaming Monitor 2021

A Starter Guide to buying a PC Gaming Monitor

Of course, feel free to skip this section if you're a seasoned vet in the monitor world.

But for the many out there who may be jumping into PC Gaming for the first time - here's a quick guide to understanding what to look for.

Refresh Rates: The higher the number, typically the smoother the gameplay. 144Hz upwards should do you fine!

Resolution: Higher resolution looks more detailed, but refresh rates can be the trade-off.

Response Time: The lower the better for gaming, looking for around 1ms as a good rule of thumb.

FreeSync and G-Sync: Look for these, as they typically improve image quality/ smoothness.

HDR: Basically super intense contrast. Good for 'realistic' graphics when gaming.

Size: Bigger isn't always better! Remember, you'll likely be sitting closer to a monitor than a TV, so don't get put off by seemingly small sizes

Price: You can get monitors for around £200 - £1000 plus. Many 'budget' monitors are very good indeed.

Graphics cards: We won't get into here, but make sure that your system is up to the task to get the most out of your monitor!

Now that we've covered off some of the basics, here are some of our top picks for the best PC Monitors for gaming on the market right now! 

Best PC Gaming Monitor 4K Mid-Range: AOC U28G2AE 28 Inch Gaming Monitor 

Best PS5 Monitor 4K mid-range

4K, 60HZ: Get rich detail with impressive framerates

This AOC 4K monitor boasts some impressive specs to its name and could be a good choice for those looking for a more high-end monitor

With a 60hz refresh rate and 4K this is a good option for detail-rich gameplay, especially so at 28 inches.

Impressively, it's also got a 1ms response time, which can come in handy if things are taken up a notch in-game alongside an impressive 300 cd/m² brightness too.

Best PC Gaming Monitor Deal: Dell S3220DGF 31.5 inch QHD (Was: £449.99, Now: £399.00)

Best PC monitor 1440p large

THAT LOOKS LIKE IT HZ: A powerful monitor indeed!

Dell makes some pretty fantastic monitors and if you're going for something 1440p but 30 inch+, then this Dell QHD monitor could be a great choice for you.

165 Hz, HDMI connection and a decent 4ms response time make this more of the 'middle ground' choice for gamers who'd like to experience some good fluidity to their gameplay, but also get some solid crispness to the image.

You're getting HDR with this monitor added into the mix also, which makes for a good overall package.

Best PC Gaming Monitor 4K Under 300: BenQ EL2870U 28 Inch Gaming Monitor (£259.99)

Best Xbox Series X Monitor

4K, ALL DAY: A great all-rounder

 This BenQ 28 Inch 4K monitor comes in at 60hz and has a super-fast 1ms response time to boot. It also features some interesting additions, such as a brightness intelligence setting, which changes the lighting based on the environment you're playing in.

Comes with Freesync and HDR, not bad at all for the price range considering this is a 4K monitor after all.

Coming in at well under £300, it certainly is tempting! 

Best PC Gaming Monitor 1440p Curved: Gigabyte AORUS 27 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor (£409.99)

Best PC Gaming Monitor

FLY FLY! A good monitor for a wide range of gaming genres

This Gigabyte AORUS 27 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor is a solid choice for 1440p at 165hz, with a screen size that won't completely take over your desk.

Contrast ratio is 3000:1 and it also features HDR for a more realistic looking gaming experience.

Design-speaking, it's probably one of the best-looking monitors we've seen. It combines that minimal, all-black look with built-in LEDs also. 

Best PC Gaming Monitor High Refresh Rate, Budget: Pixio PX277 Prime 27 inch Gaming Monitor (£319.99)

Best PC Gaming Monitor

RESPONSIVE: Put performance first, without throwing down too much cash

A great monitor if you're looking for something with a bigger screen, but still want it to be responsive without shelling out too much cash. A good choice for entry-level, or those wanting to double up its usage with next-gen consoles too.

Featuring a 27inch screen, 1440p resolution, 1ms response time and a substantial 165hz make this a solid 'all-rounder' choice for most PC gamers out there.

Best PC Gaming Monitor Large Screen: ASUS ROG STRIX Curved 32 Inch 

Best PS5 Monitor

CINEMATIC: It's all about immersion with this monitor!

This ASUS ROG STRIX Curved 32 Inch monitor is a good call if you want to bring the cinematic experience to your games and don't mind trading off on 4K.

1440p, up to 144hz and highly adjustable, so you can find the best viewing angle for your own setup, this is a good call if you find yourself using a monitor for both gaming and watching films.

Best PC Gaming Monitor Curved 1440p: Samsung Odyssey 27" G55 Curved Gaming Monitor 

Best PS5 Monitor


This Samsung monitor is a great call if you're looking for a brilliant 1440p monitor which comes in at under £400

At this screen size with this resolution, the picture quality will certainly look good, but you'll also get the benefits of a pretty high refresh rate too, at 144Hz.

And when it comes to design, as usual, Samsung has built something quite stunning! 

Best PC Gaming Monitor Under 200: BenQ ZOWIE 24 Inch 

Best PC Gaming Monitor

DIVE IN: Amazing for FPS!

The BenQ Zowie 24 inch monitor makes our monitor lists quite often, and for very good reason. It is an incredibly affordable PC gaming monitor choice that provides some impressive specs for the price.

It has 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate, in addition to HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. It's full HD, but since the screen size is 24 inches, the picture will actually look far more defined than you would assume. Hard to think about anyway with such impressive framerates.

This is an amazing monitor if you play First Person Shooters, as you'll be able to use it to your advantage in some of the more high-action, fast-paced moments.

Best PC Gaming Monitor 4K Affordable: ASUS 28 Inch 4K

Best PC Gaming Monitor

4K ON A BUDGET: A solid choice!

This Asus 28 inch 4K monitor appears to be a popular choice for those looking for a great resolution, but without paying the premium for it. 

It has FreeSync, 144Hz, and 1ms response time which can come together for a very smooth gameplay experience indeed.

If you're interested in getting that 4K experience with you PC Gaming and don't want to throw down too much for the privilege, this is a strong contender. 

Best PC Gaming Monitor WQHD Under 500: ASUS TUF Gaming Curved 27 Inch

Best PC Gaming Monitor

TUF GUY! This monitor is hard to pass up!

The ASUS TUF Gaming Curved Gaming Monitor is a surprisingly affordable and quality choice for those looking to get the best of both framerates and resolution.

1440p appears to be a bit of a sweet spot when it comes to resolution and framerates, which is seemingly becoming popular for that reason.

This monitor has a 1ms response time, FreeSync Premium, and a substantial 165Hz refresh rate. A solid monitor!

Best PC Gaming Monitor 240Hz: Alienware 24.5 inch Full HD 

Best PC Gaming Monitor

THE HUNT IS ON: This gaming monitor is can be hard to pin down! 

If you're ALL about speed and play games competitively, then we'd say go for this Alienware24.5 inch Full HD gaming monitor.

240Hz is blisteringly fast alongside its 1ms response time, making it perfect for FPS, racing games and more.

Design-wise, Alienware is a great go-to if you're looking for something that looks as good as it works. 

Best PC Gaming Monitor 1440p Under 500: LG Ultragear 27 InchQHD 

Best PC Gaming Monitors

SHARP: Amazing visuals to be had with this monitor

This LG Ultragear 27 Inch QHD monitor is a very strong contender for a great all-rounder monitor for under £500.

1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate and HDR 10 come together to give you a very balanced viewing experience.

If you find yourself wanting to cover all bases with resolution, framerates and high contrast visuals, then this could be a good option to go for.

Best PC Gaming Monitor Wide: Acer Predator 35 Inch WQHD Curved 

Best PC Gaming Monitors

WIDESCREEN: The ultimate for immersion

This Acer Predator 35 Inch WQHD curved monitor is a good choice for those wanting that epic cinematic 'wrap-around' immersive experience with their PC gaming.

It's an impressive monitor in terms of scale, and you'll need a bit of room to fit this on your desk and it will dominate the room! But if you're going all-in with your gaming set-up that shouldn't matter too much.

If you're into immersion, first and foremost, and have the money to spare then this could be a solid choice!

What's next?

As usual, we'll be updating our articles with all the latest releases as they come out. There are some exciting upcoming developments in the monitor world so stay tuned!

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