PS5 Console Breaks Down On Popular YouTuber, No Sony Comment Yet
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PS5 Console Breaks Down On Popular YouTuber, No Sony Comment Yet

Lloyd Coombes
11 November 2020

Not good news.

PS5 launches tomorrow in some territories, but one YouTuber has already had his console give up the ghost.

Jeremy Penter, also known as ACG on YouTube, explained that his console has had some issues before finally failing to power on.

PS5 Unit Already Broken Before Launch

In a Tweet, Penter explained that "at this time my PS5 is 100% dead".

He added, "I was having the storage rebuild issues others reported but mine escalated to full errors and network issues/boot."

"Sony and I were working through troubleshooting when it died completely."

Of course, this could very well be a one-off, especially since there appear to be no other reports. Still, it's undoubtedly a shame that there's a chance of failure in a new console.

The fact that Penter was liaising with Sony's troubleshooting team at least ensures that the manufacturer is aware of the issue.

We're likely some way off from a Red Ring of Death situation that plagued Microsoft's Xbox 360, however.

We'll update this piece with any updates as we get them.

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