Overwatch Halloween 2020 Skins: Which Characters Will Be Getting Skins In Halloween Terror 2020?

You get a skin and you get a skin and you get a skin!

Many fans look forward to Halloween Terror each year in Overwatch.

Myself included! I will get you somehow, one-day Symmetra Dragon skin.

Halloween brings, in my opinion, some of the best skins Blizzard has to offer.

We're going to tell you who is most likely to get a new skin this year and give some examples!

Overwatch Halloween Terror Confirmed Skins

The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 trailer has dropped and revealed the many Overwatch Character in line for new legendary skins.

This includes Sigma, D.va, Brigitte, Echo, Sombra and Winston. We'll add more details about the skins in a moment, they've only just been revealed!

You can take a look at all the skins, just below!

New D.va Skin

New Sigma Skin

Brigitte, Echo & Sombra

Werewolf Winston

Please ignore the below predictions - which are not redundant after Blizzard revealed who would be getting new skins.

That said, if you want to see some cool Overwatch Halloween Skin concepts, read on!

Who Will Get New Skins This Year?

YouTuber Master Ian Gamer has put together a chart showing which characters got legendary and epic skins over the last few years.

This goes as far back as 2018's Winter Wonderland event.

Ian's first prediction is Symmetra, being that shes hasn't got a loot box legendary in nearly two years!

Next up, Bastion followed by Reinhart and Soldier: 76.

Orisa, Winston and Genji are suspected to be a possibility too.

He also believes that D.Va could be a viable option.

To simplify things Master Ian Gamer put together a simplified image showing who his predictions are based on the above chart.

Do you think these predictions are accurate?

Fan-made Concept Skins

Below we collected a few concepts for Halloween skins made by an incredible artist, Anh H. Le on ArtStation.

"A concept Halloween themed fan-skin for Echo from Overwatch"

This concept is one of my favourites! I've been playing Echo recently and am desperate to see a really cool legendary for her.

"A rewamp / completion of my old 2018 skin design for Hanzo charcter from Overwatch. This fan-made skin was themed for in-game Halloween Event."

This skin gives me strong Dead by Daylight Kazan Yamaoka/The Oni vibes and I love it.

"Mercy + Necromancer = 'Necromercy! A rework / rewamp / redesign of my fan-made skin for Mercy from Overwatch that I created back in October 24, 2018 in the game's Halloween event theme."

Many of the community have been begging for a necromancy mercy skin!

What skins do you want to see? Let us know on Twitter!

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