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Apex Legends Rampage LMG: Release Date, Ammo, Everything We Know So Far

Apex Legends Season 10 is fast approaching, and developer Respawn Entertainment is revealing more and more about the new season and the changes it will bring. First of all, game director Chad Grenier confirmed Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode is coming, then Season 10 teasers started appearing around World's Edge and Olympus, and now we have Apex Legends' Rampage LMG.

It turns out that the teasers are to do with the newest addition to Apex Legends, Seer. He is a cursed man with microdrones, and EA says he "spots opportunities that other Legends might miss, and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can." Interesting.

However, the Rampage LMG has little to do with Seer, as it is one of Rampart's creations. Who'd have guessed it, the rapid-firing LMG was created by the woman obsessed with a minigun?


Here's everything we know about Apex Legends' Rampage LMG:

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Apex Legends Rampage LMG Skins

The Rampage LMG skins have been released thanks to Simply Ashton on YouTube.

  • Rebirth
  • Dragon Chaser
  • Raptor Strike
  • Allocated Steel

Here's what they look like:

Apex Legends Rampage LMG Latest News

29 July: Rampage LMG Guide and Damage Info

Respawn recently released a mini-guide on the newest weapon to come to Apex Legends, created by staycationtg. The below information should give you an idea of whether the Rampage will be a gun you'll be looking for in Season 10.

  • Weapon Type: Heavy
  • Arms/Legs Shots Damage: 24
  • Body Shots Damage: 28
  • Head Shots Damage: 42
  • Range: Medium/Long

The Rampage is the slowest fully automatic weapon so far but it makes up for it in damage, though you will need to master it as it's not like the spitfire allowing complete spraying. You can also use a Thermite Grenade to increase the fire rate of the gun, bringing it a little closer to the Spitfire.

26 July: The Rampage Can Break Doors

The Apex Legends Emergence Gameplay Trailer recently went live and we got to see a sneak peek of what the Rampage can do. It looks like once using a Thermite Grenade to power up the weapon, it's strong and fast enough to actually break doors!

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Check out the trailer below.

Apex Legends Rampage LMG Release Date

Apex Legends' Rampage LMG releases on August 3, alongside Season 10: Emergence.

Just as the Bocek Bow did last season, developers will be hoping that the Rampage LMG lands with a bang. It will likely be a little overpowered to start with, and then the devs will tune it down to a better place.

We'll put it into our Apex Legends best guns guide when we've actually had a chance to test it, however.


Apex Legends Rampage LMG Ammo And Recoil

According to dataminer 'Biast12', the Rampage LMG was originally known as the Dragon LMG, and it takes Light Ammo.

This makes it the first LMG to use Light Ammo. Could it be a rival to the R-301? That remains to be seen, but we're already flinching at the thought of Rampart's magazine upgrades on this bad boy.

Dataminer 'KralRindo' got their hands on the weapon, and found it has a pretty wild recoil pattern. This is the norm for LMGs, as it compensates for the huge magazine sizes.

Apex Legends Rampage LMG Leaks

There have been few other Rampage LMG leaks, but KralRindo showed the weapon in action back in May:


Other than that, we'll just have to wait for Season 10 to get our hands on the weapon for ourselves, and see just how good it is.

That's everything we know about Apex Legends' Rampage LMG so far, but we'll keep this page updated as soon as we know more.